Adobe Summit

April 3rd, 2024

Your Adobe Summit 2024 Recap

If you couldn’t attend Adobe Summit 2024 this year, don’t worry; the Blue Acorn iCi team has provided an all-encompassing recap from this fun-filled week in Las Vegas.



Adobe’s two keynotes unveiled new technology, such as GenStudio, and sparked inspiration. Want to see these two keynotes for yourself? You can watch both of the keynotes on demand.

Highlights from the Opening Keynote

A lot was covered during the opening keynote; here are just a few exciting announcements presented:

The Infosys x Blue Acorn iCi Presence

The Infosys x Blue Acorn iCi team attended Adobe Summit as a Diamond sponsor this year. Our experts hosted theater sessions and conducted separate speaking sessions. Catch up on a few of the sessions below:


Theater Sessions:

Additional Summit Takeaways

Adobe Summit 2024 provided a wealth of knowledge relevant to business owners, marketers, and developers alike. Our Adobe Experience Manager Champion, Gary Howell, weighed in on some other key takeaways.

Generative AI

Adobe continues to invest heavily in AI and roll out new and exciting features into many of its products, such as Adobe Experience Manager Assets, Adobe Journey Optimizer, Photoshop, and Firefly, to name a few.

Many of their products now provide content and creative suggestions where you can preview different versions of your content tailored to your marketing campaigns. The ability to increase your content velocity and enhance your content supply chain has never been easier with some of the latest AI features and tools available from Adobe.

Refining Existing Products

Some of the new features around Assets Insights are incredibly innovative.

"As a user of Adobe products for multiple years, I have always been excited to see a new feature rolled out and see how Adobe continues to invest heavily in existing products," states Howell.

The ability to analyze an image and determine how it's performing and what demographic it appeals to is especially appealing to marketers. With Adobe Photoshop and Firefly, teams now have the ability to rapidly change colors, backgrounds, and dimensions of a photo, all while keeping it at a high quality and within layers, which is especially relevant for creatives.

To learn more about Adobe products and how they can help digitally transform your business, contact Infosys x Blue Acorn iCi today. As a Platinum Adobe Partner, our team has implemented Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Campaign, Adobe Target, and Adobe Commerce for various companies across industries.