Adobe Summit

April 3rd, 2024

Adobe Summit Session Recap | [S740] Inefficiencies to Ingenuity: Boost Marketing Results with AEM Sites

During Adobe Summit 2024, Microsoft and Zebra Technologies unveiled how their teams leveraged Adobe Experience Manager Sites and Assets to improve internal efficiencies and drive customer engagement.


Below is a recap of the session.

Session Speakers:

To kick off the session, speakers revealed current marketing cloud modernization trends such as:

The Benefits of Modernization

While there are many reasons to modernize, the speakers talked about the direct benefits of modernization and some precautions to keep in mind before starting this journey.

Organizations may consider modernization based on the following benefits:

A Business Case

Both Microsoft and Zebra Technologies discussed how modernizing helped each organization improve its scalability, reliability, and overall organizational operations.

From a business perspective, Sarah Bryowsky, Sr. Director Brand & Digital Marketing at Zebra Technologies, shared her thoughts in a prerecorded video. “Migrating from AEM on-prem to the cloud has by far been one of the most successful large-scale projects we’ve completed. It used to take our team 4 to 6 hours to build a complex page, we’ve now reduced that down to 2 to 4 hours. We have no fear that the templates are going to break.”

Bryowsky continued to talk about the benefits Zebra Technologies experiences. “The performance, the reliability, the scalability, and the enhanced security are amazing. I no longer have to worry about when we can install that service pack update to get all of the great benefits out of Adobe; that’s just happening in the background for us with the cloud.”

Zebra Technologies and Microsoft wanted to simplify complicated applications, and modernizing provided both organizations the chance to look at existing processes while moving to the cloud. Are you interested in continuing the conversation around the modernization insights discussed during this Adobe Summit 2024 session? Contact Infosys x Blue Acorn iCi for more information.