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Trust and Collect Impactful Data With Analytics Services

According to a Harvard Business Review study, data quality is far worse than most companies realize, showing that only 3% of the data quality scores were rated as “acceptable.”

Ensure trustworthy and actionable analytics driven by best-in-class subject matter experts and deep platform partnerships. Blue Acorn iCi helps organizations understand business risks, set goals, and model future growth with trustworthy and impactful analytics.



Assess Performance, Evaluate Competitors, Solve Active Problems, and Increase Revenue

Blue Acorn iCi can help leverage the power of data by setting up integrations and providing the context to drive insights.



Determine the next move with an analytics consultation, roadmap creation, evaluation of your current ecosystem, or prioritization of existing tools.



Focus on the future with best-in-class implementations and set up teams to enable insights.



Kick off the plan with end-to-end analytics tool implementations, including Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, AEP solutions, and advanced mar-tech.


Maintenance and Governance

Identify issues and ensure stable and accurate data collection with ongoing technical support.


Data Quality

Discover where to improve with a comprehensive audit of current analytics tools with documentation.


Partnerships and Certifications

Utilize the right team. Blue Acorn iCi has the resources and connections to help organizations achieve their goals.

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Advanced Analytics

Evolve current ecosystems with improved analytics efforts. Determine who customers are, understand their needs, and activate that information faster. Through our implementation and enablement services, focused on advanced analytics solutions, our experts evolve existing ecosystems to be more empowered with data sources outside clickstream analytics and activation opportunities directly in the platform.

Data Wellness

Blue Acorn iCi can help teams assess current data collection practices and make incremental improvements. Our proprietary tool for data wellness helps teams monitor analytics data without purchasing a separate monitoring system.

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Maintain the same format across systems using consistent and standardized fields and collection processes.

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Determine if the data is complete. Data collection isn’t limitless, and even big platforms have max characters and collection limitations.

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Centralized and Enriched Data

Maintain one centralized database with the most up-to-date and trustworthy information.

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Set Access Control

Proper permissions and policies ensure only the right users see specific data. Blue Acorn iCi can help balance data accessibility and transparency with security.

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Data Validation

Check and validate data regularly. Automated QA processes check for anomalies and missing fields and use manual checks as a backup.

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Real-Time Data

Use business intelligence systems or data integration solutions that update data in real-time to ensure accurate results.

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Quality Sources

Guarantee analytical integrity. Maintain smaller data sets instead of ones that are hard to control.

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Clean Data

Freshen up data by removing duplicates, inaccuracies, and other clutter.

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Maintaining high security is crucial for data protection regulations such as GDPR in Europe and also creates the basics for a brand to become more trustworthy.

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Data integrations reduce silos and make data more accessible to all data users at your company.

Analytics Resources

Driving value for continuous improvement.

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Overview: Analytics Services

The Blue Acorn iCi analytics program enables clickstream analytics tools and tag management systems.

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