7 Adobe Analytics Features You’ve Forgotten

Are you currently using Adobe Analytics? With this tool, it’s easy to do everything in one place instead of trying to connect different systems. Teams can mix, match, and analyze data from anywhere within the customer journey to surface insights with predictive intelligence.

While it might be tempting to look into new systems to purchase to fill specific analytics gaps, the good news is you probably already have everything you need within Adobe Analytics and aren’t utilizing the right features. Let’s break down seven of the product’s core components to help you squeeze more value from your existing Adobe Analytics account.

1 - The Mobile Dashboard App

Do executives at your organization need to check specific KPIs while they’re on the go? Not to worry, the mobile dashboard panel within Adobe Analytics and the accompanying Adobe App can help you do just that. Anyone with access can check daily updates on traffic and conversion trends and changes, as well as, device and segment comparisons without having to go to their desktops and log into their Adobe accounts.

2 - Stop Wasting Your Ad Budget and Make the Most of Your Audiences

Teams don’t want to waste time and money targeting the wrong people. If your company is using Adobe Advertising Cloud, you can ensure you aren’t spending your ad budget on loyal customers or the wrong audience altogether.

Within Adobe Analytics, teams can define these advertising segments - existing customers, loyal customers, inactive customers and so on - and share them with Adobe Advertising Cloud with just a click of a button, so you can more accurately advertise to the right audiences and better utilize existing budgets.

3 - Personalization Made Easy

Do you want to get into personalization but you don’t know where to start and are overwhelmed by the cost and complexity? If your organization is utilizing Adobe Target, your team can define user segments based on content visited, prior conversions, spending and more - in Adobe Analytics - and share them with Adobe Target from Adobe analytics in order to personalize the experience of those segments or even offer targeted recommendations and upsells. This will help organizations cater to the specific needs of prospects and existing clients and improve their experience, while improving site performance at the same time. Bonus is that you can define these segments retroactively and personalize experiences immediately with Target. Personalization made easy!

4 - Real-Time Analytics & QA

For companies who plan to release new digital products and want to see the data immediately upon release, they should utilize real-time analytics and quality data checks. Applying this tool will help organizations hop into real-time reporting and have the visibility they’re looking for.

5 - Advertising Analytics & Attribution - In One Place, Free!

Many teams forget that they can bring campaign impressions, clicks, and costs from Google or Bing paid search, display, and video campaigns into Adobe Analytics with no additional code required. It’s a simple few-step configuration.

Bonus: If UTM tracking and last-click media attribution are not enough, once companies finish setting up advertising analytics, they can track attribution from ad impressions with a couple of additional marketing channel rules - similar to tracking attribution from ad clicks. Now, there’s no need to spend hundreds of thousands and multiple months on a new attribution product if your marketing is primarily done on Google and Bing.

6 - Cross-Device Tracking & Insights

Cross-Device Analytics (CDA) allows marketing teams to better understand user behavior that crosses devices or apps. For instance, using this tool will help you paint a picture of how a shopper started on mobile but ended up making the purchase on desktop. Not having this view often leads to understating social media campaign performance and conversion - leading to suboptimal marketing budgeting.

There are more options and tricks for tracking cross-device activity with Adobe analytics. Contact the Blue Acorn iCi team for more information.

7 - Visual Heat Maps

Stop looking for other heat mapping tools that could cost thousands of dollars and instead start utilizing the visual heat maps within Adobe Analytics. These time and segment parting heat maps allow teams to take hits and break them into meaningful information such as which checkout interactions are common among users who fall out from the flow - inhibit conversion. Or which interactions are common among users who sign up for your loyalty program.

There are many tools within Adobe Analytics that your team can start utilizing today. Are you ready to start improving your analytics? If your organization needs help optimizing its Adobe Analytics account to best suit upcoming goals, contact the Blue Acorn iCi team today.

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