Workflow Management

Optimize Your Content Supply Chain with Workflow Management

Efficiently plan, deploy, and analyze content supply chains with the power of technology.

Establish effective content processes using management tools that allow teams to operate more efficiently and glean valuable insights. For organizations looking for comprehensive work management, Blue Acorn iCi can help unify teams and streamline content workflows.

Common content supply chain tools include:

  • Adobe Workfront
  • Adobe Assets
  • Adobe Sites
  • Adobe Experience Platform
  • Adobe Creative Cloud for Enterprise
  • Adobe Express for Enterprise
  • Adobe Experience Manager
  • Adobe Analytics


Unleash the Potential of Workfront

Amplify collaboration to boost content production

Adobe Workfront is a project management tool designed to streamline workflows, increase productivity, and foster collaboration within your organization.

Key features of Adobe Workfront include:

  • Project and task management
  • Resource allocation
  • Collaboration and communication
  • Customizable dashboards and reports

The benefits of utilizing Adobe Workfront:

  • Enhanced productivity
  • Improved collaboration and operating margins
  • Increased visibility across departments
  • Strategic alignment
  • Improved customer experience

Seamlessly Integrating Workfront Into Content Supply Chains

Enable collaboration with centralized content management and workflow automations.

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In the intricate world of launching new content, organizations need an effective strategy for generating ideas, communicating content changes, and finalizing deliverables. Workfront seamlessly integrates with creative tools such as Adobe Firefly, Adobe Sensei GenAI, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat, and Adobe Photoshop, offering leaders a holistic view of projects and tasks within a single tool.

Blue Acorn iCi builds integrations and trains teams to utilize the platform so all employees can operate at the highest level.

Expanding Possibilities with Workfront Integrations

Incorporate frequently used applications to increase employee adoption rates. Unlock the full potential of Adobe Workfront with these Integrations:

Adobe Creative Cloud

Integrate Adobe Workfront with Creative Cloud apps for efficient project collaboration and asset management.

Microsoft Teams

Facilitate team communication and collaboration by connecting Workfront projects and tasks with Microsoft Teams.


Enhance real-time communication and notifications by integrating Workfront with Slack channels and messages.


Streamline sales and marketing workflows by connecting Workfront with Salesforce CRM for project tracking and reporting.

Gmail and Outlook

Manage and integrate email communications into Workfront projects with Gmail and Outlook plugins.

Box and Dropbox

Store, share, and collaborate on files by connecting Workfront with leading cloud storage platforms.

Automate and Empower with Adobe Fusion

Streamline processes and free up time for essential tasks

Adobe Fusion is an add-on tool for Workfront that can virtually connect any web-based application and automate workflows by linking actions between apps and services. It allows users to create scenarios where apps work together to execute a task.

Streamline workflows by automating repetitive tasks and allowing teams to focus on new and more critical activities. Through custom integrations, organizations can streamline processes for content creation, onboarding, reporting, lead tracking, and more.

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