How Teams Can Improve the Content Supply Chain

Juggling various deadlines, assets, and deliverables may cause marketing teams to feel confused and overwhelmed. Organizations can streamline content supply chains with the right technology while gaining valuable insights and operating at higher efficiencies. Let’s review what a content supply chain is and which technologies can help.

What Is A Content Supply Chain?

There is a strong demand for content. For many teams, it’s a constant cycle of creating, reviewing, approving, and publishing content. Once that work is completed, it’s time to start creating something new under a tight timeline.

Here’s an example of what the content supply chain might look like for a marketing department.

On a typical day, there can be a lot of moving pieces, and with multiple teams involved it’s easy for tasks to get misplaced or for feedback to get lost in the shuffle.

A Project Management Solution

There are many project management platforms available, but some fail to connect outside tools or don’t allow for automation, making it difficult for coworkers to collaborate, create, and manage content. For organizations looking to gain visibility into projects and work within an integrated tool that connects Adobe Creative Cloud files, Slacks, Outlook, Teams Messages, and Adobe Experience Manager, look no further than Adobe Workfront.

“Workfront is the all-in-one tool that keeps teams organized throughout a busy day,” states Anand Bisht, Enterprise Architect at Blue Acorn iCi. “The tool’s features allow management to track project flow and oversee communications.”

Before Adobe Workfront, it was common for teams to pull data from unconnected systems to execute a campaign. Now, all systems can easily work together thanks to the native API capabilities that allow easy integrations. The platform connection reduces errors, simplifies processes, and enhances productivity.

After studying four organizations using Adobe Workfront, Forrester reports that collectively these businesses saved over $26 million due to productivity improvements. Each organization enabled cost savings such as improved operating margins for marketing campaigns and the ability to avoid hiring excess administrative staffers tasked with tracking work.

“Workfront has transformed the way we manage our content prioritization and planning process,” states Lindsey Cade, Director, Global Content Strategy. “The platform is designed to simplify the end-to-end content creation process while providing organizations the visibility to track tasks and oversee productivity metrics.”

Workfront provides more than a centralized hub for work; it improves employee experiences and creates a positive company culture that makes it easier for employees to collaborate. Teams within an organization can collaborate in different areas, and companies can strategically assign projects and complete them at a greater scale.

Looking to operate at a higher efficiency within the Adobe workspace? Learn more about how Adobe Workfront can help your business. Blue Acorn iCi has experts who can implement this technology. Contact Blue Acorn iCi.

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