Commerce Strategy

Strategies That Captivate and Convert

Commerce is more than a trend, it’s transforming the way customers interact with businesses.

Blue Acorn iCi understands the commerce challenges of today and the strategies shaping the future. Our team of over 50 onshore commerce experts are industry innovators who unravel complexities and architect comprehensive commerce solutions.


Captivate Audiences in the Digital Commerce Landscape

Transform the commerce journey from a simple point of sale into a dynamic storytelling experience that sets brands apart.

A direct-to-consumer (D2C) approach empowers brands to take control of their customer relationships and provides a direct pathway to communicate and engage without needing third-party sellers.

Blue Acorn iCi focuses on understanding consumer behavior, market trends, and the unique brand story. Leveraging our expertise in data analytics tools and market insights creates unique D2C strategies that captivate audiences and build long-term, meaningful relationships.

Simplify Complexities in the Business-To-Business Commerce Ecosystem

A holistic and comprehensive business-to-business (B2B) commerce approach.

Instead of only facilitating transactions, create an environment that promotes the growth of lasting business relationships. Our experts provide a deep dive into the intricacies of a B2B ecosystem and explore the relationships between suppliers, manufacturers, and wholesalers.

Blue Acorn iCi works to architect effective, custom-made solutions that streamline transactions, optimize processes, and enhance user experiences at every decision.


Increase Customer LTV

Increase frequency of purchases, average order value, and build consumer trust.


Improve EBITDA

Identify operational efficiencies, reduce overhead expenses, and automate manual processes.


Focus on Top Line Growth

Increase margins, expand product catalog offerings, and create new revenue streams.


Build to Scale

Integrate with other sellers, bundle digital-only offerings, and attract new advertisers.


Craft Unified Experiences Across All Commerce Touchpoints

Find new opportunities to engage customers by providing a seamless shopping experience across multiple channels.

The key to a successful omnichannel strategy doesn’t just rely on creating uniform experiences but in creating interactions that meet the customers where they are. From mobile devices to desktops to in-store shopping, ensure shoppers are captivated by each interaction by creating engaging experiences.

Blue Acorn iCi harnesses data analytics and real-time customer insights to anticipate the needs and preferences of the consumer and personalizes each touchpoint to connect on a deeper level.

Commerce Strategy Success Stories

Building seamless commerce experiences on various platforms.

Case Study: Power Tools Company Migrates to Shopify To Develop Ecommerce Operations

Blue Acorn iCi migrated the brand’s website to a seamless experience on Shopify Plus.

Funnel Podcast: Preparing Your Website Infrastructure and Customer Experience For Peak Traffic Times, Part 1

Adrian Luna from Webscale and Rick Buczynski from Blue Acorn iCi discuss the why, what, and how of peak traffic preparedness for your website infrastructure, customer experience, and marketing initiatives.

Article: Out-Of-Process Extensibility: Is It the Future of Adobe Commerce?

Adobe is taking big steps to modernize its commerce platform, moving traditional integration approaches away from in-platform customizations to out-of-process extensibility.

Article: Attract & Retain Shoppers with a BOPIS Strategy

BOPIS enables customers to browse and purchase products online and pick up the order the same day at the nearest brick-and-mortar store.