User Experience Design

Elevate User Experiences Through Expert Design Services

Impress users and enhance ROI with best-in-class design.

Improve the face of a brand and product functionality by creating visual systems that scale. Blue Acorn iCi designs and delivers visual systems that work for businesses. Our design process encompasses qualitative and quantitative strategies, ensuring compelling and expressive visual design.



Listen, Learn, Improve, and Deliver

Uncover the whole picture during the discovery process.

The discovery process is an exercise of collecting and cataloging an organization’s messaging, page structure, and navigational flow. Blue Acorn iCi experts then design a plan coupled with user insights to reach an improved state of user experience and drive a brand vision.

Brand Audit

Evaluate, Document, and Advise

Optimizing brands by testing and learning from current designs.

Our auditing process includes a comprehensive investigation of an organization’s existing materials and examines their processes, brand identity, and information architecture. The Blue Acorn iCi team identifies opportunities for improvement and provides a clear outline with recommendations that illustrate the advantage of future design enhancements.


Build the User Experience Framework That Embodies Your Brand

Structured design for optimal use.

Arrange content, visual structure, and user flow in a way that improves customer experiences. Blue Acorn iCi captures the learnings from the discovery and auditing phases to activate a brand's experience potential.

Creative Services

Inspiration That Leaves a Lasting Impact

Unleash brand potential with the help of creative experts.

A brand’s visual elements should accurately reflect who they are. Blue Acorn iCi’s visual design services team applies high-fidelity aesthetics to wireframes, content messaging, photography, and more. While utilizing best practices and discovery-based learning, our goal is to deliver visually pleasing demonstrations for a brand.

User Research

Build a Deep Customer Understanding

Determine the information architecture, key personas and customer journeys that unlock the greatest value.

Blue Acorn iCi offers qualitative research services to build a direct understanding of customer behaviors and affinity. The team proposes an optimal information architecture through various research methodologies providing a proven navigational structure. By leveraging heuristics and compiling findings, Blue Acorn iCi enables highly effective UX decisions.

User Experience Design Resources

Designs that can scale with a business.

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