Test and Learn With Optimization Services

Increase customer conversions and retention through website optimization.

Our optimization services help organizations improve KPIs and confidently implement website enhancements through our data-driven A/B testing approach.




A roadmap of continuous improvements and learnings. Blue Acorn iCi provides a data analysis driving backlog that prioritizes and tests roadmap-aligned initiatives with stakeholder goals and timelines.



Analyze new design performance against original designs to prove increased KPIs. Work includes robust analysis, reporting, and insight creation.


Test Execution

Ideas are developed and tested against website users. The team focuses on requirements, development, launch, monitoring, analysis, and recommendations.



Testing Quality

54% of tests are declared a winner for the variation


Test Velocity

10.2% of tests concluded over a given period of time (approximately 9 tests per quarter)


Average KPI Increase

7.7% increase of the primary KPI by our winning tests


Optimization Technology

The Blue Acorn iCi team leverages these tools on a daily basis.

Optimization Success Stories

Letting the data tell the story.

Overview: Test and Learn With Optimization Services

Implement an A/B testing program to enhance the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and website designs by providing data-driven insights and continuous optimization.

Case Study: DTC Protective Cases Brand Improves KPIs With Sophisticated Optimization Program

The brand wanted to maximize the channel’s efficiency by testing personalized customer experiences and turning the results into actionable insights.

Case Study: Beauty Retailer’s Digital Makeover Increases Conversion Rate and Revenue

Learn how Blue Acorn iCi's optimization team decreased cart abandonment, increased average order value and boosted conversion rate and revenue.

Case Study: Digitally Native Mattress Brand’s Newly Optimized Site Has The Competition Losing Sleep

Through an optimization program and extended high-level analysis of experience performance, Blue Acorn iCi helped this Digitally Native Mattress Brand increase their conversion rate by 10%.