Improve Customer Journeys Through Strategic Data Usage and Architecture

A thoughtful and actionable data strategy enables customer centric digital experiences.

Build the foundation of a compelling customer journey with advanced data infrastructures. Blue Acorn iCi offers comprehensive solutions focusing on customer data platforms, data architecture, and activation. We structure and empower data to optimize customer experiences through multiple solutions.


Journey Enablement Solutions

Put the focus back on your customers.

Activate best-in-class customer experiences through our journey enablement solutions.

Blue Acorn iCi recommends strategic technology solutions that focus on your customers.

Journey enablement solutions review and document the end user’s digital needs and an organization’s business objectives. Our team determines the right solution, implements efficient systems, and activates full-scale customer journey optimization efforts.

Customer Data Platforms

Automate personalization efforts and deliver real-time customer experiences.

Integrate customer data into a platform that updates profiles in real-time. Customer data platforms (CDPs) allow teams the ability to provide fully personalized, on-brand, cohesive experiences across channels.

Blue Acorn iCi provides end-to-end solutions, from evaluating to implementing and operating CDP systems to ensure an optimized ecosystem for your customer experience.

Customer Data Strategy

Build the right ecosystems empowering customer centric solutions.

Data and technologies can be overwhelming. We work with brands to understand their customers' needs and recommend solutions that meet and exceed expectations. The best outcomes begin with the right level of strategic planning, and at Blue Acorn iCi we are experts in this space.

We advise on the right software and depth of implementation ensuring cost effective solutions that can scale as your business grows.

Customer Journey Success Stories

Updating technology to better understand customers.

Case Study: Digital Native Mattress Brand’s Newly Optimized Site Has the Competition Losing Sleep

Blue Acorn iCi supported the brand’s advanced analytics on landing pages, onsite, and experimentation focus areas.

Case Study: Leading Floor Care Company Simplifies Multi-Website Management With Shopify Plus

The Blue Acorn iCi team replatformed its brand sites to Shopify Plus for streamlined multi-site management and enhanced customer experience capabilities.

Case Study: DTC Protective Cases Brand Updated Web Pages To Protect Its Success

The brand leaned into the ecommerce side of its business and became B2C focused.

Funnel Podcast: How To Improve Data Quality

In this episode of The Funnel, Jeremy Linhardt explains how to monitor and measure data quality.