March 31, 2023
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Your Adobe Summit 2023 Recap 

Couldn’t attend Adobe Summit in person this year? Don’t worry, Blue Acorn iCi has you covered! We’re recapping all of the highlights from the fun-filled week in Las Vegas. 


Adobe’s two keynotes unveiled new technology and sparked inspiration. Attendees were able to reimagine the future with new products by Adobe. Want to see for yourself? You can watch both of the keynotes on demand

Opening Keynote

During the opening keynote, speakers explained that the biggest driver to increase profitable growth is to address the end-to-end customer experience, noting that brands focusing on this will build a massive competitive advantage over the next few years.

“You need every moment with the customer to work even harder for you. By focusing on experiences that are digital, you’ll be able to do more with less,” stated Anil Chakravarthy, President, Digital Experience, Adobe. 

Attendees watched as new products and Summit themes were revealed. This included: 

  • Adobe Firefly – This tool brings Generative AI into Creative Cloud. While there is a lot of conversation around Generative AI regarding copyright, diversity, and inclusion, Adobe told attendees that they are taking those problems and making it safe for commercial use. 
  • Adobe Mix Modeler – This AI-powered, self-serve solution measures marketing campaigns and optimizes planning across paid, earned, and owned channels. 
  • Content Supply Chain – It’s not unusual for brands to create, manage, and store millions of assets. Adobe is reimagining the future of the entire content process by delivering the first content supply chain solution.
  • Experience-Led Growth – Adobe explained that it is all about connecting customer experiences across every touchpoint in the customer journey, aiming to help teams achieve great personal experiences. 
  • Personalization at Scale – Digital marketing and digital products are converging into customer experiences. Brands must connect all areas; doing so will increase personalized and relevant experiences among all touchpoints in the customer experience.

Attendees of the opening keynote also heard from Eli Lilly, T-Mobile, and Prudential Financial. 

Inspirational Keynote

Adobe kicked off this keynote by discussing Adobe Sensei GenAI. This product helps teams identify trends and guide product design based on usages. For example, it can provide an inspirational foundation for marketing and creative teams, which can turn the campaign process from months to minutes. 

Attendees of this inspirational keynote were inspired by guests Aaron Sorkin, Peyton Manning, and Damar Hamlin.

The Infosys x Blue Acorn iCi Presence

This year, 44 Infosys x Blue Acorn iCi team members attended Adobe Summit. At our Diamond-sponsor booth, we hosted four theater sessions and also conducted two separate speaking sessions. Catch up on a few of the sessions below: 

  1. Session – Multi-Channel Content Syndication at Scale 
    • The healthcare industry was active in attendance this year as teams looked to meet customer expectations and become more digitally mature. 
  2. Session – Accelerate Customer Engagement with B2B2C Commerce
    • The automotive industry and others that operate with a dealer model are looking for a true B2B2C solution.  
  3. Theater Session – API Mesh
    • API Mesh is the future of Adobe as a platform service provider. Its intent is to provide the tooling on which digital experiences can be built.
  4. Theater Session – Open AI
    • In the next couple of years, Generative AI will be able to generate scientific papers and design mock-ups. Infosys is in early discussions with Adobe to explore exciting possibilities and opportunities with Generative AI.
Infosys Theater Session at Adobe Summit

“With AI taking center stage, not just at Adobe Summit, but in our day-to-day worlds, I am excited to see Adobe’s position that AI will complement human creativity and their emphasis on AI ethics, ensuring that AI will adhere to accountability, responsibility, and transparency,” stated Divya Kandikatti, SVP, Global Delivery, Blue Acorn iCi. 

Additional Summit Takeaways 

Digital business in 2023 means making a more personalized and agile experience. It’s critical to tap into the innovations of Adobe Commerce to accelerate growth with new business models. Adobe Commerce innovations include: 

  • Personalization to power experience-led growth
  • Cloud-scale platform for B2C & B2B
  • Accelerate through API first innovation

Related to Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe expressed that they are putting efforts into making it more performant. Here are a few things to keep in mind: 

  • Adobe is adding more dynamic media features into Adobe Experience Manager Cloud.
  • If you enable web-optimized images, you get dynamic media for free, as it’s part of Adobe Experience Manager. 

To learn more about Adobe products and how they can help digitally transform your business, contact Blue Acorn iCi today. As a Platinum Adobe Partner, our team has implemented Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Campaign, Adobe Target, and Adobe Commerce for various companies across industries.

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