November 6, 2015
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What is Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)?

Customers today are more savvy, more demanding and more empowered.
In order to attract and retain them, enterprises need to incorporate relevant content that is optimized for each interaction.
Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a comprehensive content management solution for building websites and all of their complementary applications, including mobile apps, paperless forms and online communities.
It’s a system that makes it easy for professionals to manage all of their marketing content and assets, and then deliver them to the right person at the right time.
Every important strategic component you need for marketing success (web, mobile, email, print, social and community) is housed and accessible in a single platform.
AEM, in its most basic terms, is a faster and easier way to give customers what they want with user-friendly interfaces and built-in features.

Authoring within AEM

AEM allows non-technical marketers to build engaging pages with just a few drag and drops. All of an enterprise’s digital assets (images, videos, articles, project descriptions, and more) are managed in one place.
Developing and editing any part of a site is easily done with intuitive tools.  AEM incorporates a WYSISYG (What you see is what you get) system that allows for real-time previews of what your customers will see on their own desktops, mobile devices, and tablets.
Built-in workflows connect the Adobe Creative Cloud to AEM, allowing users to smoothly move items from the creative process right into a campaign. It’s easy to set up a review and approval process that ties in only those who need to contribute, saving time and unnecessary run around.
AEM has the ability to take that rich media you created and deploy it across multiple touch points using a single interface.
The takeaway? Marketers can create and deliver cool stuff without having to rely on IT.

Manage Your Data More Effectively

Marketing today is a juggling act of managing multiple sites, maintaining a digital asset inventory, engaging with online communities, and overseeing copious amounts of data. AEM simplifies this complex environment using a variety of tools that integrate with each other and allow marketers to control all of these pieces from one place.
Knowing that customers are ‘seeing’ you in a variety of ways, like on their laptop, iPhone, and Kindle, means you need to make sure that all of those views are optimized. Using AEM’s single interface, it’s easy to control each of these endpoints and ensure consistency.
Think for a minute about the number of digital assets your company owns—a digital asset can be an image, a video, a written document, audio, presentations, spreadsheets, etc. When was the last time you needed a specific asset and just couldn’t find it? AEM can tag, catalogue, and organize all of them so that they are ready and available exactly when they are needed.
AEM doesn’t just help you manage your internal assets, it has an entire library of tools that allow you to better track and more effectively use your external communications, like social media, too.
Online communities are growing so fast and are so popular that, in some cases, people are more in tune with social media than their human counterparts.
AEM helps you foster communication with these groups and leverage the information and experiences they are sharing with each other. It’s no secret that people give more merit to something they hear from a community member than from the enterprise itself. AEM helps you use that to your advantage.

Deliver Your Message on Time and on Target

Change is inevitable, and in the digital age it’s not only a means of staying fresh and relevant, it’s expected. AEM gives you the flexibility to update all of your customer touch points from one place. New assets can be published across multiple channels, by one person, in a fraction of the time it used to take an entire IT team to implement those same updates.
Even though the world is more connected than ever, the need to develop customized sites for different global regions is imperative. AEM helps you deliver your brand experience around the world by allowing users in different countries to access the same digital media and customize it to their region. With ‘humanized’ translation tools, you can be sure that the content is not only language specific, but actually makes sense.

What’s the Bottom Line?

AEM is a way for marketers to build value, be consistent, and get personal.
It’s the most complete out-of-the-box solution available and can take your marketing strategy implementation time down from weeks to mere hours. Its flexibility gives you the ability to change courses quickly in order to meet the ever changing needs of your customers.

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