[video] How to Deliver Experience Driven Commerce

Blue Acorn iCi launched a video series, “A Moment of Truth,” to share quick insights and tips for enhancing the customer experience. In our first episode, Emily Wilhoit, VP of Commerce Growth at Blue Acorn iCi, took the stage to discuss how to deliver experience driven commerce. Watch the video or read the script below.


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Hi, I’m Emily Wilhoit, VP of Commerce Growth here at Blue Acorn iCi.

Experience Driven Commerce is the idea that brands should create shoppable and personalized experiences across all channels.

This topic and buzzworthy term is coming from heightened consumer expectations. Today’s consumers are always on, they’re agnostic of channels, and they thrive on experiences. They’re really looking to be delighted by your brand.

And commerce is a fundamental part of the consumer experience.

In order to deliver experience driven commerce, you must have a seamless commerce experience to remain relevant in the retail space. But you don’t have to be a digitally native brand like Warby Parker to do this. It just takes mastering consistency across people, process, and technology.

If you need help achieving experience driven commerce, reach out to our team of experts today. We’ve helped Fortune 500 organizations and digitally native brands create immersive digital customer experiences that attract, convert, and retain shoppers.

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