Vendor Spotlight: Klaviyo

Vendor Spotlight: Klaviyo

In 2012, Klaviyo was founded by now CEO, Andrew Bialecki, and co-founder Ed Hallen. Together, they wanted to create a tool that could bring together data analytics and customized communication tactics. Companies could use this tool to create personalized messaging based on any of their customers’ varying behavior. Prior to Klaviyo, brands needed to use different tools to both understand their customers and communicate with them.

To learn more about the ins and outs of Klaviyo, we asked the Klaviyo Partnerships Team to answer our top questions.

How has Klaviyo evolved since its inception?

Klaviyo has evolved most in terms of growth. With more than 25,000 customers and 330+ employees, we have focused our efforts on expanding our global footprint and product functionality to fulfill the unique needs of our diverse customers. By opening our London office this past year, we are extending support hours and ensuring we provide coverage for our global customer base.

In terms of the product, Klaviyo is always innovating. Over the past few years, we’ve really leaned into the Klaviyo community to ensure our efforts fulfill the needs of our customers. We’ve seen this with our flow library, form builder, SMS launch, and extensive data science capabilities. We are constantly asking our customers for feedback – and we actually put ideas into action.

Lastly, we are continuing to foster a community where partners and Klaviyo users can continue to learn. This is done through the various events and workshops that are held throughout the year, including Klaviyo Boston—our annual user conference. During these events, both our tech and agency partners are given the floor to speak to their own experiences and successes when using Klaviyo. We also have a Klaviyo Academy Team dedicated to training new customers to ensure they are successful.

To learn more about Klaviyo and Owned Marketing, listen to their episode on The Funnel: An Ecommerce Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or Spotify.

What kind of feedback have you heard from your clients?

What are the most common questions that you hear from potential and current clients?

We receive questions about customers’ marketing strategies all of the time. Klaviyo’s Customer Success team works extremely closely with clients to ensure they have a positive experience with the platform and are hitting their KPIs.

We typically receive questions on our direct integrations with eCommerce platforms from net new customers. Klaviyo has direct integrations with various platforms such as Magento, Shopify, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce.

We often receive questions about whether or not Klaviyo is the right fit for a particular sized business—some say that Klaviyo is too expensive for a small business, or too light for an enterprise business. But the truth is, Klaviyo was built for scale and growth. Regardless of size, Klaviyo’s functionality is the same whether you have two hundred or two million contacts—and the platform is able to handle it all.

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How do brands and retailers leverage Klaviyo?

Brands and retailers use Klaviyo to…

Most recently, brands and retailers are leveraging Klaviyo’s powerful segmentation and automation to personalize every text message via our SMS product. Managing consent is simple and automated to ensure messages are sent to the right people. Now you can build personal, multi-channel experiences and manage it all from one platform.

What does an ideal client look like?

An ideal client for Klaviyo is one that wants to grow! Today, Klaviyo works with 25,000+ paying customers that span across all verticals and range in size, from entrepreneurial to enterprise clients

Although the majority of our customers are eCommerce brands, Klaviyo is all about helping online businesses develop deeper relationships with their customers—at scale.

How are you unique in your industry?

Klaviyo provides an all-in-one solution for our customers. Whether it’s ingesting data, analyzing that data using our powerful segmentation tools, or communicating with contacts, Klaviyo makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to develop deeper relationships with their customers and grow, as a result.

We also have dedicated an immense amount of resources to our product and infrastructure. From a data side, Klaviyo’s integrations let you pull in data from your eCommerce platform and other marketing software in minutes.

Where do you see Klaviyo in five years?

We see Klaviyo continuing to help brands around the globe embrace and utilize their owned marketing platforms and tech to create better connections and conversations with their customers.

We also see Klaviyo becoming a pillar tech company in Boston—with locations across the globe—employing thousands of bright and diverse individuals and helping hundreds of thousands of customers accomplish their business growth goals.

What are you most excited about for the future of Klaviyo?

We are most excited about expanding our product to support the businesses of other industries. As we continue to grow and expand our core eCommerce customer base, we also see an immense opportunity to support B2B businesses. Klaviyo hopes to one day be the platform that helps all online businesses own their marketing and growth.

To learn more about Klaviyo, visit their website, listen to their podcast episode on The Funnel, or reach out to a member of the Blue Acorn iCi team.