Vendor Spotlight: Deck Commerce

Vendor Spotlight: Deck Commerce

Deck Commerce, a cloud-based order management solution for omnichannel retailing, was founded in 2015 by Chris Deck. Deck previously operated a successful ecommerce consulting agency that focused on ecommerce operations. While working as a consulting agency for retailers, Deck quickly noticed how they were solving the same problems over and over again. He turned this gap in the industry into an opportunity—out came Deck Commerce. When Deck Commerce recently visited Blue Acorn iCi’s Charleston office, we caught up with their VP of Sales, Jackie Breen, to learn more about the OMS platform and what’s unique about it.

How has Deck Commerce evolved since its inception?

The solution is constantly evolving. As retailers are identifying new and exciting ways to engage with their customers and sell their products, they need a technology on the backend that helps deliver on those promises. For example, our Customer Service Portal has been continuously evolving to give customer care teams the tools they need to help service their customers after they place their order—from enhanced order search capabilities and quickly finding customer orders regardless of channel, to appeasement and order rerouting (i.e., a customer initially wanted to pick up in store, but they now want the order sent to their house). Last year, we added a Store Associate Portal that gives store associates the tools they need to quickly service customers who bought online and picking up in-store or returning in-store after buying online.

What are the most common questions you hear and what kind of feedback do you receive from your clients?

Up until about a year ago, we spent a lot of time answering “What is an OMS?” There is now a general understanding of what an OMS is and why it is needed, so now we answer more of the “Why Deck” and “How will Deck help our business scale and prepare for growth?”

As far as feedback, we always hear that partnership is key. Whether you are offering professional services or a software solution, retailers want to work with companies that are a partner and ready to grow with them. When it comes to selecting technology partners, innovation and evolution are key. Retailers need to know they are selecting technology that can and will enable them to keep up with their customer expectations.

How have you grown over the past few years?

Being that we started as a consulting agency that evolved into a SaaS product offering, we have grown in a lot of ways! Everything from employee count to core focus. It started out as simply helping retailers process their orders (get the order from the storefront to the proper distribution point). Over the years that has involved into more complex workflows and logic to help retailers sell things like alcohol, firearms or custom products online.

What does an ideal client look like?

We target the retail industry with a focus on direct-to-consumer brands. Examples of brands we work with include: New Balance, Rawlings, Build-a-Bear, Uncorked (Terlato Wines), Chinese Laundry, and NYDJ. The retailers we work with span all verticals from sporting goods to wine and alcohol. Some are going direct to consumer for the first time, while others have been doing it since the start of ecommerce.

What makes Deck Commerce unique in the OMS space?

There are a few other Order Management Solutions in the space, but what really makes us different is our focus/expertise and partnership mentality. First, we are order management specialists. Our team has been working in the industry and perfecting our software for over fifteen years, so we understand the pain points of order management and best-practice solutions more than anyone. Second, and arguably more important, we take a true partnership approach in everything we do and highly value customer satisfaction. As a result, we will work with partners, customers, and vendors to design, implement, and support solutions that drive customer success, which results in referenceable customers. This is why we love working with Blue Acorn iCi!

Where do you see Deck Commerce in five years?

Continuing to be thought leaders in the OMS Space of course! In the past three years, we have seen the importance that stores play in the online experience, and our solution has evolved to solve those needs. New challenges will arise as retailers scale and grow, and we will be working alongside them to understand how to simplify the processing and management of their orders.

That said, I’m most excited about the constant innovation in the space. As a company, we have grown so much in the past year, and there is so much more to come!

Why do brands need an OMS for omnichannel?

Customers don’t think in terms of “channels,” a modern OMS solution helps eliminate the channel line and allows retailers to service their customers in a streamlined and simplified manner.

Do you have any customer success stories?

We have worked with so many awesome brands that have created engaging experiences for their customers both instore and online. For brands like Build-A-Bear, NYDJ, and Rawlings, we have played a significant role in ensuring the full customer journey is a positive one.

For example, several of our customers, like Rawlings and New Balance, sell custom products online. We quickly realized that custom products require unique considerations tied to order processing. For example, orders need to be reviewed for things like profanity or trademark infringements. Payment capture requirements tend to be different with high dollar custom products, and they also typically have different fulfillment needs. These brands are two examples of retailers that are really streamlining and simplifying these traditionally complex processes and delivering excellent customer experiences.

For more information about Deck Commerce, visit or reach out to a member of the Blue Acorn iCi team here.