April 19, 2024

Transforming the Content Supply Chain With Generative AI and Edge Computing

As a speaker and attendee at Adobe Summit 2024 in Las Vegas, I saw firsthand the developments shaping the future of content management and customer experience. As an enterprise architect and experience maker, I appreciate Adobe’s strategic approach to transforming the content supply chain tool through the innovative use of Generative AI and edge computing.


Let’s take a look at the core applications of the content supply chain solution center stage: Adobe Workfront, Adobe Experience Manager Assets, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Adobe Firefly. These are supplemented by the applications such as Adobe Express, Frame.io and Creative Cloud Automation Services.

Generative AI Steps Up

One of the big things from the summit was how Adobe is making Generative AI more practical for content creators. The launch of GenStudio, which works with Adobe’s Firefly AI model, was one of the highlights. It helps marketers make content assets that follow brand guidelines.

Improving the Content Supply Chain

Adobe showed its strength in building an end-to-end content supply chain driven by AI and GenStudio. By bringing together Creative Cloud, Workfront, Adobe Experience Manager, and Firefly with AI, Adobe has created a strong platform for companies to improve content efficiency with personalization and optimization.

New Developments in Content Delivery

The updates to Adobe Experience Manager Edge Delivery Services were particularly exciting as such Experience Manager asset integration with document based authoring, A/B testing, and personalization. While our organization already delivered Edge Delivery computing, focusing on improving site performance, giving developers more flexibility, and introducing the Experience Manager Universal Editor, Adobe is setting up Edge Delivery as a top solution for delivering content. Using Edge Delivery computing and open standards makes fast and flexible experiences that will be a big change for companies.

Linking Content and Commerce

Another important part of the conference was Adobe’s idea to mix content and commerce features through Edge Delivery Services. By offering a combined front-end for commerce and forms with leveraging the connector and service layer, Adobe is helping to provide truly personalized, content-driven experiences to customers everywhere.

Test and Learn

"Test and Learn" might not be a new idea, but it's a crucial reminder to start small. Pick a specific use case and improve on it bit by bit, making sure it fits well with your people, processes, and technology was talked about in many forums during the summit. Sometimes, I feel hesitant about adopting changes that haven't been thoroughly tested or proven, which is a common concern. Remember, changes come faster than ever and can be incredibly valuable when done right. Testing and learning allows us to refine our approach, ensuring we provide the exceptional customer experience we aim for.

While I’ve shared my main points from Adobe Summit 2024, I’d like to leave you with a few questions to think about. These prompts are about how you can get your content out faster and more effectively using available tools at your disposal and new technologies.

I observed and saw the range and detail of Adobe's product updates and ongoing effort to meet the changing needs of industry, from making content to delivering it. As an Adobe Platinum Partner, Blue Acorn iCi is committed to working together with businesses to enhance an organization’s content supply chain and customer experiences.

Adobe Summit 2024 was not just an opportunity to revisit a city of lights but to immerse in a beacon of digital innovation that Adobe continues to converge on ideas, technologies, and people dedicated to reshaping the future of how content is created, managed, and transformative experience is delivered.