The Ultimate Knowledge Hub for Customer Data Platforms

The Ultimate Knowledge Hub for Customer Data Platforms

Companies have access to troves of data, but they often lack the technology to centralize data, capture trends, and act on those insights. Customer data platforms (CDPs) help companies solve this problem by unifying customer data from multiple systems and channels. When you break down data silos and make data accessible across the organization, you can quickly pivot strategies and deliver experiences that meet customer expectations.

To help brands understand the business value of CDPs and how industry leaders use CDPs to deliver real-time customer experiences, we created a knowledge hub with crucial information. Here are a few examples of what’s included in the hub:

Digital Marketing Expert Discusses Customer Data Platforms on Blue Acorn iCi’s The Funnel: An Experience Driven Commerce Podcast

We interviewed Navin Kumar, Principal Consultant Digital Marketing at Infosys, to dive into the why, what, and how of CDPs. You’ll learn:

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The Funnel: A Digital Experience Podcast

The Business Value of Customer Data Platforms


The Business Value of Customer Data Platforms



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Executive Perspective: How to Automate Personalization with a CDP

In Blue Acorn iCi’s Executive Perspective series, Greg Boone, Co-CEO at Blue Acorn iCi, shares examples of how industry leaders use CDPs to automate personalization and how to know if a CDP is right for your business.

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Whitepaper: Deliver Real-Time Customer Experiences with Adobe Experience Platform

Adobe Experience Platform’s benefits span across data governance, advanced analytics, real-time personalization, and omnichannel orchestration. In Blue Acorn iCi’s recent whitepaper, we cover:

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Did you know, companies that effectively use customer data platforms see 2.5 times more in customer lifetime value than those that don’t? If you’d like to speak with an expert about implementing or optimizing a customer data platform, contact us today.