Shopify Unite: “The Opportunity Ahead”

Shopify Unite: “The Opportunity Ahead”

As first-time Shopify Unite attendees, the Blue Acorn iCi team went into the conference in Toronto, Canada with fresh eyes. But we walked away more excited than ever about Shopify’s upcoming features and how we can better help our clients create seamless shopper experiences and build long-lasting customer relationships.

The Newest Shopify Features We’re Most Excited About

Enhance the Online Experience with Engaging, Relevant Content and Videos

The new Online Store features will provide merchants more control over their layout, preview designs, and expand their customizations. It will be simpler than ever to create an ecommerce site that aligns with your brand aesthetic.

Reach Customers Far and Near

Shopify’s Mult-Currency and Multi-Language functions will make it easier for brands and retailers to grow internationally at scale. According to Shopify, multi-currency tools result in 60% lift, on average, in international conversion rates.

Build One-on-One Customer Relationships In-Store

The latest POS tools (available in all monthly plans) provide in-store sales associates with greater power to personalize and streamline the experience for each customer that walks through the door.

The New Shopify Fulfillment Network

Delivering the package is the final moment for a brand or retailer to win over a customer. With the bar set high for the shipping and delivery experiences, fulfillment could make or break a customer relationship. To help merchants during this critical period in the customer journey, Shopify announced they will be launching a Fulfillment Network.

Implementing the Shopify Fulfillment Network is simple: Install the app, select the products you want Shopify to fulfill, receive a quote, and send the products to one of their warehouses. With Shopify Fulfillment, you’ll be able to fulfill an order in less than one day and deliver it in two days with a 99.9% accuracy. Shopify can fulfill orders from multiple channels, support returns and exchanges, and customize the packaging for the ultimate unboxing experience—no matter how many or how little packages you sell in a day.

Additional fulfillment and ordering updates include:

Frictionless Checkout Experience

The latest checkout update announcements will allow merchants to offer subscription services and recurring payments. For each item, customers can adjust the delivery frequency as well as duration. Recurring payments are made possible with card vaulting. Shopify will encrypt and store credit card information in PCI compliant servers.

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