Brands Can Now Create Frictionless Subscription Experiences With Shopify Subscription APIs

Brands Can Now Create Frictionless Subscription Experiences With Shopify Subscription APIs

In October, Shopify announced its new Shopify Subscription APIs along with the Product Subscription App Extension. The Subscription APIs integrate directly with Shopify Checkout, which means merchants no longer need to choose between offering subscriptions and using Shopify Checkout.

“We are undoubtedly excited about the upcoming release of the Shopify Subscription APIs. These will enable us to provide our clients with a seamless checkout experience for their customers wishing to subscribe to our client’s amazing products,” said John Nelson, Director of Engineering at Blue Acorn iCi.

Build Subscription Experiences Directly in Shopify Checkout

The APIs allow brands to build the experience of buying and managing subscriptions directly in Shopify Checkout. The APIs fully integrate with the entire app ecosystem, including Shopify Payments, shipping discounts, and reporting.

“Not only will customers benefit, but retailers will as well through a tighter integration with Shopify and the ability to manage customer subscriptions directly from the Shopify Admin. Both current and future clients will have the opportunity to take advantage of this, whether leveraging a 3rd-party such as ReCharge or taking advantage of Blue Acorn iCi’s subscription service,” said Nelson.

Shopify also announced its new Product Subscription App Extension as a companion to the Subscription APIs. The app extension allows brands to connect their existing subscription apps to Shopify and create and manage subscriptions within the platform.

The Benefits of Shopify Subscription APIs

Frictionless Customer Experience

Customers experience the same checkout flow, regardless if they’re a subscription user or a one-time buyer. “Gone are the days of customers being pushed off-site to an entirely separate checkout experience, potentially decreasing conversion rates,” noted Nelson.

Enhanced Customer Insights

Brands can capture insights for both one-time and subscription customers, track recurring revenue, target subscription users with relevant marketing campaigns, and automate workflows based on subscription customer actions.

Futureproof Business Model

Shopify built the Subscription APIs with the flexibility to support emerging business models, both recurring and non-recurring. As trends evolve, brands can adapt their business models to align with customer needs.

How to Get Started with Shopify Subscription APIs

Reach out to our team to find out how we can help you build a subscription experience.