January 16, 2019
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Reviewing 2018 – Our Top 10 Blog Posts from the Year

As we’re settling into the new year, it’s a good time to review 2018 and what all we’ve learned/accomplished. We were busy all year, putting together some great information for you. Below is a curated “Créme De La Créme” master list of our 10 most popular and looked at blogs from the past year. We can’t wait to share more thought leadership and knowledge in 2019!

Créme De La Créme

  1. What I Am Most Excited About in AEM 6.4
    Adobe previewed the key features and integrations from the release of AEM 6.4, which was attended by more than 1000+ partners across the globe. To me, that proves how ready and excited the industry is for this new release.

  2. How Batman Can Help Save Your Agile Team
    The ‘Batman’, in software development, is typically a role on the development team that ignores the planned iteration scope and focuses solely on “emergency” requests, bugs, or anything requested of the development team that isn’t part of the planned iteration. By taking on those tasks, a development team’s Batman keeps the rest of the team’s developers from being distracted and pulled off of the iteration work.

  3. Why Adobe Experience Manager is the Top CMS
    Having a solid content management system, or even a robust extensible web platform, is no longer enough for enterprises. If you’re not sure why, let’s take a look at Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) as it compares to another player in the enterprise-grade web platform/CMS space: Drupal.

  4. The Right Way to Optimize Personalization
    It’s no secret that a better customer experience increases clicks, conversions, and loyalty. Giving customers what they want, right when they want it is the core of a successful personalization strategy.

  5. Implementing Adobe Marketing Cloud: The Flawed Strategy
    There is an interesting enterprise organizational strategy towards implementation that, perhaps counterintuitively, wastes valuable time and money. The strategy relates to how an organization determines when and in what capacity to bring in an experienced implementation partner. Some organizations have the following strategy when attacking an implementation, and it is a flawed strategy.

  6. The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Why It Matters to U.S. Companies
    The European Union directive declares data privacy to be a fundamental human right that American companies ignore at their peril. When you first hear about the GDPR, you might think that it’s an EU thing and it doesn’t apply to American companies with no services in Europe. But that’s not the case.

  7. 3 Predictions for Adobe’s Acquisition of Magento
    There has been plenty said across the industry about how this move closes the customer experience loop for Adobe and makes them a formidable competitor to SAP, Oracle and Salesforce. But the truth is, we don’t know what we don’t know.

  8. Smarter Analytics with Adobe Launch
    It can be very difficult to port to other marketing systems without writing a bunch of integrations yourself. There’s a better way using tag management and a dedicated data layer. Now is a perfect time for it too, as Adobe released Adobe Launch, for free – even if you don’t license any Adobe products.

  9. Innovative Ways to Use Adobe Analytics
    There is so much more that software like Adobe Analytics can do to help organizations realize better insights from a wider array of data. Adobe Analytics is an extremely powerful tool, with many out-of-the-box capabilities that organizations can leverage.

  10. Are You Getting the Most Value From Your Data?
    Almost every business question can be answered using an appropriate statistical model and the right data. To keep this focused, I would like to highlight three core pieces of analysis that expand the out-of-the-box functionality of Adobe Analytics and Target.

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