October 28, 2021
  |   Trends, UX / CX

[report] Digital Strategies to Thrive in the Media & Entertainment Industry

Facing an abundance of competition and ever-changing consumer behaviors, media & entertainment companies can no longer rely on quality content, advertisers, and subscriptions to retain customers.

In Digital Strategies to Thrive in the Media & Entertainment Industry, Blue Acorn iCi outlines 3 critical strategies to enhance customer lifetime value and drive revenue:

  1. Transform into customer-centric business
  2. Capture, analyze, and act on customer data
  3. Deliver personalized experiences across the customer journey
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Blue Acorn iCi has partnered with several media & entertainment companies to enhance their customer experience. If your company needs help transforming, contact us today.

Shannon Abel
After graduating from Clemson University, Shannon started her career in marketing, focusing on content creation and engagement. As Blue Acorn iCi’s Senior Media Marketing Specialist, she keeps brand and retail professionals up-to-date on the latest trends and news in the digital customer experience space. She also produces and hosts Blue Acorn iCi's podcast, The Funnel. In her free time, she enjoys walking her dogs and hanging out at the local breweries in Charleston.
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