March 22, 2022
  |   Digital Marketing, UX / CX

[podcast] Preparing Your Customer Experience for Peak Traffic

On the latest 2-part episode of Blue Acorn iCi’s The Funnel: An Experience Driven Commerce Podcast, we interviewed Adrian Luna, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Webscale, Rick Buczynski, VP of Solution Architecture at Blue Acorn iCi, and Lindsey Murray, VP of Performance Marketing at Blue Acorn iCi. As consumers raise the bar for customer experience, companies need to ensure their infrastructure, front-end experience, and marketing initiatives run smoothly during their busiest times.

In this two-part series, we answer:

  • Why does my company need to prepare the customer experience and website infrastructure for peak traffic periods? And what happens if I don’t? (Part 1)
  • What types of tests or audits can a company run to determine if its site can seamlessly scale for increased traffic? (Part 1)
  • How can a company prepare its marketing initiatives and website infrastructure for peak traffic times to avoid disruptions in the customer experience? (Part 1)
  • How can a company enhance the customer experience using the data they capture during peak traffic times? (Part 2)
  • What can my company do in the next 30 days to prepare for peak traffic periods, such as limited releases or the holiday season? (Part 2)

Listen to Parts 1 and 2 below, or click the menu in the player to listen and subscribe on your favorite podcast listening app.

Part 1:


Part 2:


Blue Acorn iCi has helped brands across industries and digital maturities build customer experiences that seamlessly scale during peak traffic times. If you need a partner to audit your site performance and prepare your website infrastructure and customer experience for busy or holiday seasons, we can help. Reach out to us today.

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