On-Demand Webinar: Creating Personalized, Shoppable Experiences at Scale

As the number of consumer engagement channels rises, so does the pressure on brands to provide personalized, shoppable experiences to attract and retain customers. What does it take for brands to achieve experience-driven commerce that meets evolving customer expectations?

Emily Wilhoit, VP of Commerce Growth at Blue Acorn iCi, and Cari Anne Cashon, VP of Growth Marketing at TTI Floor Care NA, shared their insights in a recent Adweek webinar, Create Personalized, Shopping Experience at Scale: Reinventing Commerce.

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The Customer Experience Landscape

Brands recognize that customer experience is the new battleground for customers, and 80% of companies believe they deliver “super experiences” to customers. However, only 8% of customers agree. These statistics shed light on the massive gap between what brands deliver and what customers expect. To add more pressure, digitally native brands, like Warby Parker, have entered the market with disruptive and seamless customer experiences.

How Brands are Adapting to Heightening Customer Expectations

COVID-19 has played a major role in customer expectations. “What were once visionary customer experience goals have now become mandatory for brands to thrive in the pandemic world,” said Emily. There are three key areas we’re seeing brands adapt:

  1. Breaking down data silos
  2. Phasing out antiquated technologies
  3. Implementing a customer-centric culture

How Growth Marketing Fits Into the Customer Experience

To define growth marketing, Cari Anne used a quote from Chamath Palihapitiya, founder and CEO of The Social Capital: “Growth (marketing) starts with a deep understanding of product value and is about moving new users to the ‘Aha!’ moment as quickly as possible, measurable in seconds.”

For Cari Anne and TTI, growth marketing means thinking beyond digital and working with online and offline teams, including industrial designers, to create the ultimate customer experience. “We all have the same goal; we want to improve the customer experience from top to bottom,” said Cari Anne.

Register to view the webinar recording to learn the four things you can do this month to start reinventing your customer experience strategy.

Creating personalized, shoppable experiences in a competitive market requires taking action quickly and choosing the right digital partner. If you’re interested in learning more about our customer experience services, reach out to us today and get started. We’ve helped a number of brands across industries build and optimize customer experience strategies.

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