New Resource: Pre-Holiday Stress Test Checklist

Each year before the holidays hit ecommerce brands and retailers brace for the large increase in foot and web traffic. For ecommerce brands in particular, any time something impacts the load time of a website it have a negative impact on conversions and revenue, which is why the months leading up to the season is focused on preparation.
Seasoned pros know how to work through the technical components, ensuring the site can handle holiday traffic, but what about the marketing components and team? Not only should brands conduct full-scale dress rehearsals, the marketing team needs to segment audiences well in advance in an effort to stagger traffic. With so many points of failure that can arise, just one flaw in your system can result in money left on the table.
To ensure your team has no gap areas left behind Blue Acorn has produced a new, simple checklist to ensure you’re ready for Black November, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. We’ve also included two sections that break down each component, but if you have questions we’re here to help.

This free checklist will:

Access the free checklist here.

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