Top Reasons Your Website Should Be Localized

English may have been the language of choice on the internet, but it’s about to be dethroned. The belief that the English language will reach all countries and populations is greatly mistaken. Even in countries where the English language is proficient, there will always be a preference for their mother tongue.

According to Common Sense Advisory, 79% of the global audience accessing digital content does not speak English, and 75% of buyers agree that when deciding between two similar products, they are more likely to choose the product in a language they understand.

Reasons Why a Site Should be Multilingual:

New Markets

A translated website will create measurable business growth and strengthen your already existing market. Companies can increase market size and potential revenue by implementing a multilingual site. For example, if a business is located in Canada and decides to translate their website to French, the business is not only serving the French-speaking customers in the country but will also expand the market to other geographical areas where the French language is prominent.

Brand Loyalty and Consistency

Customers who feel brands relate to them on some personal level are more likely to remain loyal to that brand. Taking the time and effort to localize your website is an easy and efficient way to gain that strived-for customer loyalty. When creating your marketing strategy, decide where to prioritize localization and where maintaining your brand’s core message is essential. Getting started with the localization process early on will result in a better overall customer experience.

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Be Ahead of the Competition

Competition lead is a powerful decision driver. If your competitors don’t have a translated site, you can progress ahead of them by getting your site localized first. Doing this shows awareness of customers, their needs, and the lives they live. By getting ahead of the competition with a localized site, you can drive more revenue and strengthen both brand and customer loyalty.

User Experience

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.” – Nelson Mandela

When considering conversions (such as making a sale, capturing user data, or gaining a lead) language can be a massive barrier. If the website is presented in the local visitors’ language, it is easier for them to navigate and connect to the site/brand.

The Common Sense Advisory studied the effect of this on sales of products in the instructive report called Can’t Read, Won’t Buy. It was found that 85% of all consumers will simply not make a purchase if the information is not readily available in their native language.

Better SEO

This is the grand prize of localization. By having websites in different languages, your site is more likely to rise to the top of the SEO charts. This will increase your site’s position on search engine results pages; such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Impressions of search queries are increased by a greater margin. The simple act of translating your website will increase its site traffic significantly.

How to Implement:

Experts in the technology field will help support and manage your translation, and Adobe Experience Manager’s (AEM) multisite manager capability can be utilized to achieve business’ marketing goals. With this capability, it’s only necessary for the site to be created once and allows for reuse of its content in multiple different locations. Both of these features save ample amounts of time for your marketing teams. All mobile and web properties are controlled from a streamlined, user-friendly interface. Changes can be quickly applied to all of your sites so they speak effectively to the respective audience while maintaining consistent brand identity.

Another way to ensure translation success is to integrate Clay Tablet with AEM. Doing this will help get the content to your global market faster, at a lower cost, and with much less effort. Clay Tablet connectors are applied to accelerate all the advantages of AEM websites. With AEM’s multisite manager capabilities and Clay Tablet’s integration, you are sure to see positive results and achieve your business’ marketing goals.

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