Le Creuset Named Internet Retailer Web Redesign of the Year Finalist

Today we are excited to announce that our client, Le Creuset, is officially selected as a finalist for Internet Retailer’s Excellence Award for Web Redesign of the Year.

According to the announcement, there are a few key areas that allowed Le Creuset to move forward in the competition. “Our panel of judges has determined that Le Creuset is a strong contender for this Excellence Award given to a website that shows a major improvement in its appeal, functionality and customer friendliness and meets the future requirements of online retailing.”

In addition to the improved look, feel, and user experience, the redesign also needed to lead to improved results such as sales and conversion rates. Based on our findings, their average order value increased by 10% and their annual year-over-year revenue increased by 8%.

The Web Redesign of the Year award is among 13 excellence awards that will be presented at the first Internet Retailer Excellence Awards set for June 8 in Chicago. The award ceremony will take place during IRCE.

Congratulations to Le Creuset and our team who worked on the redesign!

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