The Complete Customer Experience Report

In partnership with Adweek/Brandweek Insights Group, Blue Acorn iCi released their most recent thought leadership piece: The Complete Customer Experience Report. The report covers everything a brand needs to know to create an unforgettable, personalized customer experience.

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The Complete Customer Experience Report derived from a multi-week study conducted by our team of experts. We included dozens of brands across various industries and digital maturities in our customer experience research. For each brand, we went through the major steps of the customer journey—research, choose, buy—and spent hours analyzing every touchpoint using a 98-point rubric. After receiving our orders, we rated our unboxing experience and the returns process.

The findings from our study acted as the cornerstone of our latest report, driving our recommendations to create the ultimate customer experience.

What You’ll Find in the Report

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Sneak Peek

“Unlike emails, packages have a near perfect 100% open rate. Bland, unbranded packaging is a missed opportunity for marketing and engaging with the customer. When you purchase an item in a physical store, at a minimum, most brands place the items in a branded shopping bag. Many will wrap the items in tissue paper or offer to gift wrap free of charge. By carrying over this attention to package design to online orders, you deliver a higher level of service and reinforce the customer’s loyalty in the brand.”

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