Infosys x Blue Acorn iCi: Endless Opportunities

From quickly switching to remote work due to Covid and being acquired by a multinational company, 2020 became a transformative year for Blue Acorn iCi. Despite all of the changes, we are in a much better place to serve our clients and our employees.

Blue Acorn iCi, an Infosys company

Infosys acquired Blue Acorn iCi in 2020, but we maintained our branding to ensure continuity among our clients, technology partners, and company culture. The acquisition is a huge opportunity to be part of global digital transformation projects, extend our capabilities and offerings, and deepen relationships with top technology partners. We started 2020 with the goal of becoming the #1 Adobe partner, and the acquisition catapulted us towards that mission.

Turning a Shared Vision Into a Reality

Blue Acorn iCi’s and Infosys’ integrated services strengthen our end-to-end customer experience offerings and reaffirm our commitment to helping CMOs and CIOs thrive in a digital world. After 7 months of being part of the Infosys family, it’s been a pleasure to see our shared vision come to life. Through our journey, both parties have been learning how to work together, and we already have many ambitious projects underway.

What This Means for Our Clients

As the world quickly moves towards digitalization, the solutions our clients need are no longer just industry or department specific solutions. Companies are connected across processes, stakeholders, and technology. Blue Acorn iCi now has unlimited scalability to help our clients meet their business goals. With Infosys, we offer a breadth and depth of offerings, including technology infrastructure such as ERP, and OMS. Blue Acorn iCi also offers a unique set of services to offer Infosys’ Fortune 500 clients, from optimization and design to experience driven commerce services.

Endless Growth Opportunities

While the acquisition is an opportunity for Blue Acorn iCi to grow as a company, it’s also an opportunity for our team members to grow their careers. With Infosys, the possibilities for leadership, continued education, and working with top echelon clients are endless.

Thank you to our customers, employees, and Infosys family!

Chris Guerra
Greg Boone
Co-CEOs, Blue Acorn iCi

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