How Can AI Help Your Business?

AI is being used everywhere in today’s world. It’s changing how we live our day-to-day lives and more and more companies are changing how they think about running their business. It’s a sink or swim moment for many companies as we move into a new digital age.

Adobe is at the forefront of integrating AI and machine learning into its products. Adobe Sensei, a set of AI and machine learning technologies, has evolved tremendously over the past few years. A specific product that we’re very excited about using is Adobe Target AI, powered by Adobe Sensei. Adobe Target AI allows businesses to deliver personalized and engaging customer experiences all while using AI to provide recommendations and improve efficiency by automating previously manual processes.

What’s Different Between Adobe Target and Adobe Target AI?

Previously with Adobe Target, you had to manually set up any A/B tests, segments, offers, and multi-variant testing, just to name a few. Adobe Target AI provides AI-powered tests based on new and previous user information. Let’s see an example of how this works. Users come to your site from all over the world from different data points; search, email campaigns, organic traffic, etc.

Adobe Target AI gathers all that data from your users and utilizes machine learning to understand specific data points about them, such as where they’re located, referrer information, and where and what they’ve clicked. Adobe Target AI can then use all those data points to present the user with the most relevant and personalized content for them. Adobe Target AI no longer relies on a human to set up segments and A/B Tests for your users. This can save an enormous amount of working hours as you no longer rely on someone manually setting up and monitoring these tests. Decisions that were previously made on how to set up your A/B tests or how to set up your user segments no longer need to be made in a meeting room; through AI and machine learning, it can automatically be set up for you.

Auto Allocation

Another key difference between Adobe Target and Adobe Target AI is the ability to auto-allocate your users anytime Sensei notices that one experience performs better. A recent example we’ve used for a client was we had to set up an A/B test on their homepage hero to gather information around whether or not users would click a call to action placed over an image or when a gradient was applied, and the CTA was on more prominent background.

Previously an analyst would have had to monitor the incoming information, babysit what your users were doing and decide what test was outperforming the others. With Adobe Target AI and machine learning, it’s smart enough to gather the in-coming data and auto-allocate your users towards the winning experience. No longer relying on a human to sit and monitor the data and make a decision on which test is outperforming another.

Adobe Target AI can save an enterprise organization thousands of hours and allow your analysts to focus on strategy and business goals as opposed to having to manually create mundane tasks. Adobe Target AI is an extremely powerful tool and will only get smarter and improve over time as Adobe continues to invest in AI and machine learning.

If you want to learn more about how AI technologies can improve your business, contact the Blue Acorn iCi team today.

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