How a GA4 Implementation with Blue Acorn iCi Can Streamline Your Analytics

How a GA4 Implementation with Blue Acorn iCi Can Streamline Your Analytics

As Google begins to sunset Universal Analytics in 2023, teams are looking to alternative analytics platforms and arranging a transition plan. Learn how a Google Analytics 4 (GA4) implementation with Blue Acorn iCi will help organizations capture granular data to better understand users.

Why Google Analytics 4?

Sean Klimek, Blue Acorn iCi’s Optimization Analyst, who oversees GA4 implementations, weighs in, “The shift to GA4 is because Google is taking a more simplified approach to their tracking. GA4 will allow a single data property to capture both website and app data together.”

For many, Google Analytics 4 is a robust platform option that ties in nicely with Google Optimize. GA4 provides a simplified platform that helps with tracking A/B tests and other website assessments. With every action on a website being tied to a specific event and getting put in an event log, GA4 allows action companies to look at data more holistically in a single spot.

What if a Team Wanted To Implement GA4 on Their Own?

Short answer: It depends on the specific website and how complex teams want their analytics built out.

“It can be a very complex process to understand what is needed and how to implement Google Analytics 4 correctly,” explains Klimek. “With a base GA4 version, companies can set it up, but might have a limited scope of understanding what users are actually doing.”

Companies wanting to do it by themselves will need individuals capable in JavaScript and must have an understanding of how to extract into analytics. This will ensure teams have proper infrastructure and no useless data.

How Blue Acorn iCi Can Help

Part of a team that’s looking to get granular with data points or have various metrics to capture? Blue Acorn iCi can simplify the implementation and help organizations understand all of the data points.

“Our team works in parallel with developers to build out the data layer that will maximize the GA4 data,” Klimek states. “We make sure to capture everything that is potentially possible to understand about the user and can set up connections to look back at year over-year-data.”

Companies needing more experience or time to learn about how to tag to maximize workflows can turn to Blue Acorn iCi for assistance.

Starting July 1, 2023, Standard Universal Analytics will no longer process data. Does your team have a roadmap for the next analytics platform to migrate to, or want to move to a new platform other than Universal Analytics? Blue Acorn iCi can implement GA4 from start to finish in about 5-6 weeks. Contact our team today to learn more.