[Event Recap]: Meet Magento 2022

Did you attend Meet Magento New York 2022? This conference included experts from the Adobe (Magento) ecosystem and focused on sharing experiences, knowledge, and best practices. Throughout the event, our team learned about the future of open source and commerce. Below are a few takeaways.

A Renewed Sense of Energy

This conference reinvigorated the idea of Magento. Attendees were glad to see the revitalization of open source and the open source community. For many, it is important that the community doesn’t lose the link to small business and open source.

“The entire opening session was dedicated to the collaborative future, and it really set the tone for the whole conference,” states Rick Buczynski, VP of Solutions Architecture at Blue Acorn iCi.

Another main source of energy stemmed from the future changes to the technology. With a lot of new advancements to the space that are changing the shape of Adobe Commerce as a platform, Adobe addressed these new terms and technologies.

“Headless commerce and composable commerce are terms people have been confused about,” explains Buczynski. “Adobe tried to define them for the community and shed light on what it means and why it’s important for businesses.”

Continuation of Breaking Barriers

After each session, the storyline remained the same; Magento may have originated with small businesses but has evolved to support small businesses to the largest enterprises in the world. Breaking barriers is what Magento has always done and continues to do.

The event emphasized that in the face of challenges against all markets, Magento has always been a powerful solution and broken barriers in commerce. It is still capable of powering businesses large and small.

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