[Event Recap]: Dinner at Groceryshop 2022

BWG Connect, Adobe, and Blue Acorn iCi held an interactive dinner event at Groceryshop 2022 to explore the shifting landscape and hear how retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands can take advantage of strategies to help attract and retain shoppers.

Couldn’t attend? Not a problem! Below is a recap of the discussion.

A Focus on Sustainability

Sustainability emerged as a major talking point. While some brands have a core mission to be sustainable, others have corporate goals or customer sentiment around it.

Since sustainability is important for brands and consumers, the group reviewed ways to create a greener future through omnichannel strategies. Attendees mentioned sustainability grades on websites, how organizations are building portals showing different parts of the business, and how they’re hitting goals.

CPG Brands Look to Control the Customer Journey

What are brands doing from a data perspective? Among the CPG brands, many leverage second-party data that is later used for targeting. Others don’t manage their customer data and work with a third party.

The consensus was clear: brands want more control over the customer journey and want to use relevant customer data. Conversations also stemmed around first and second-party data strategies related to marketing analytics and social integration. While more CPG brands are investing in efforts that provide access to first-party data, other brands and retailers are partnering on second-party data efforts to improve targeting and personalization.

A Solution For Brands

Shoppers have been craving in-shopping experiences since the start of the pandemic, and that isn’t going away. The question presented to the group was, how can brands take that knowledge and create a next-generation retail experience? The answer, bet on hybrid shopping options.

Expect to see stores with separate pick-up entrances and separate experiences that are part of the same store. Speaking of future experiences, keep an eye out for retail media networks. This type of advertising can increase revenue for CPG brands, and shoppers can be more receptive to these advertisements.

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