Enhancing Your Customer Experience with Adobe Sensei

Enhancing Your Customer Experience with Adobe Sensei

Adobe introduced Sensei over two years ago as a framework and set of AI services to help improve the design and delivery of digital experiences. Over that time period, Adobe has vastly improved Sensei with new features that help automate marketing and business decisions. Sensei is now integrated in a variety of Adobe products including their experience, creative, and document clouds.

What is Sensei?

Sensei makes use of AI and machine learning to make intelligent decisions for users based on data about your system and information you give to Sensei. Sensei aims to drastically boost marketers and content authors efficiency by automating monotonous tasks. For example, with the enhanced image processing feature Sensei is able to automatically detect the available bandwidth and device type of your users and provide them the minimal file size and give them an optimal experience.

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Why You Should Be Making Use of It

Adobe discovered that 47% of digitally mature organizations, which are those with advanced digital practices, have a defined AI strategy.

Machine learning and AI are rising in popularity as companies invest more time and resources into how they can make use of it to improve their internal workflows and customer digital experiences. With Sensei being a key feature of AEM 6.4, it’s evident that Adobe is heavily invested in the technology. Adobe is continuing to develop Sensei and include it in future versions of AEM as well as a variety of other Adobe products.

Here’s just a few examples of Sensei powered features integrated into AEM 6.4:

Photo Tagging

Adobe developed a self-learning algorithm powered by Sensei which can automatically tag photos for searching and categorization. If you upload a set of photos that contain cars of a specific make, tag those photos as “cars, honda, blue”. The next time you upload a photo of a blue honda it will automatically tag and categorize those photos with the tags “cars, honda, blue”. This will immensely improve your team’s efficiency by cutting out a once monotonous task from your workflow.

Smart Crop

Automatically detect and crop the focal point of any image, helping to capture the point of interest regardless of screen size. In addition the smart crop feature can remove sections of an image as well as swap other images in. For example, if you have a person in a photo you want to remove or swap for another person in their place. Over time this feature can save your team thousands of hours by eliminating the monotonous, often difficult task of cropping photos.

Document Analysis

Along with many of the other AEM Forms enhancements such as multi-channel authoring and enhanced WYSIWYG features you can now auto generate web versions of forms. For example, take a picture of a document or form on a mobile device and Sensei will automatically convert it into a digital document. Sensei is smart enough that it can match the form field for field. Not only will this feature save your team a tremendous amount of time by not having to re-create web versions of forms but your users now have the convenience of being able to quickly access all your forms online.

Business Analysis and Intelligence

Sensei can help better drive business intelligence decisions for your users. It can automatically personalize content as well as layouts based on specific traits from your customers. For example, if your have a large set of users that are from New Zealand you can tailor the content to be more specific to that region. Changing words such as “trash to rubbish and thank you to cheers”. In addition, Sensei is able to recognize when something unusual is happening with your system. For example, if conversions on a specific page are dropping Sensei can send an alert to a distribution list notifying specific users that conversions have been dropping.

Technology is changing so rapidly that it’s hard to know what trends will stick and what is just the new fad. AI and machine learning are on the rise and taking digital experiences to the next level. Now is the time to invest in learning what they can do and how they can help your business.

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