Demandware Rebrands As Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Unveils Commerce Cloud Einstein

This week at’s Digital Summit in Dallas, TX, Demandware announced that it is rebranding as Salesforce Commerce Cloud. In June of this year, Demandware was acquired by Salesforce for $2.8 billion; the name change is part of management’s short-term integration plans. The company will also release more details about the rebrand and integration plans with Salesforce Cloud on October 6 during Dreamforce 2016.
Among other short-term plans, Salesforce Commerce Cloud will focus heavily on personalization through artificial intelligence (AI). According to a company announcement, Commerce Cloud Einstein will allow merchants and retailers to add more relevancy and personalization to their interactions with consumers.

Salesforce will make further details about Commerce Cloud Einstein known next week at Dreamforce; however, we do know that the tool will power personalized on-site product recommendations and make sending personalized emails even easier–all powered by a machine-learning system. As more content, campaigns, and information are fed into Einstein, it will automatically customize the experience for consumers while pulling relevant insights, projecting user behavior, and automating tasks. Salesforce will make use of the power and reach of its other platforms by feeding data from its CRM, customers, Chatter activity, emails, calendars, and social streams into predictive models.

“We are clearly living in the age of the customer, which has created the need for engaging, intelligent, personalized buying experiences across all channels, including the store. As part of the Customer Success Platform, retail brands on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud can transform how they connect with their customers at every step in the journey: from discovery, engagement, and transaction to analytics, community and service,” Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware) CEO Jeff Barnett said in a statement. “Now, brands in all industries can deliver digital commerce across web, mobile, social, and in-store to make the entire experience smarter, more personal, and more engaging.”

In addition to Commerce Cloud Einstein, the company also announced that it now integrates with the recently launched Apple Pay offering for the web. In an effort to make mobile checkouts easier and more secure, Apple extended its mobile payment solution from its phones to iOS devices using iOS 10 or Mac Sierra. Salesforce Commerce Cloud enables merchants to use Apple Pay as a checkout option with a single click.

“I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunities that lie ahead, not only for Salesforce Commerce Cloud but also for our current and future customers, as we accelerate our mission to transform commerce,” said Barnett.”

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