Adobe Customer Journey Analytics Foundations: What You Need To Know

Adobe Customer Journey Analytics Wellness: What You Need To Know

Warning: The following is based on a true story.

You reach out to your friends - “You free this Saturday? I’d love to hang out and make dinner.” You just renovated your kitchen. That’s just what you do. It’s the celebratory exhale from the build-up that was your kitchen renovation. Everyone makes it over to your house except that one flaky friend who comes in an hour late - but you anticipated that, which is why you waited before cooking your main dish.

Then it hits you. You forgot an ingredient.

We’re not talking about substituting Worcestershire with soy sauce. This is a red alert, gotta hit the store situation. You spend the next 10 minutes negotiating with your partner who should run to the store and buy it. One of you has to do it, and the other has to stay and “entertain” a group of hungry house guests. What was supposed to be a 20 minute process is now taking an hour, and everyone’s cracking jokes about how upgrading a kitchen doesn’t upgrade the chef.

I feel like a lot of us have been there. Maybe different circumstances. Maybe you forgot an ingredient. Maybe you used it the day before. The real story is about when my boss asked me to pull some data, and I realized that data has been missing for weeks. I wish I could say it’s only happened once, but analytics implementations have a lot of points of failure. At the end of the day, we’re also human, and we’ll forget ingredients.

It sure would be nice if someone told you when your analytics data broke, just like your smart fridge tells you you're out of milk.

Introducing Adobe Customer Journey Analytics Wellness

We just modernized our martech stack to Adobe Experience Platform and we need to build a solid foundation. Our goal is simple: Immediately address data loss without making it a chore.

On paper, data governance sounds great. When you say, “We need governance,” no one in the room says, “nah.” But let’s face it: 99% of the time it doesn’t immediately impact your company’s stock price, so nobody wants to do it. This is old news, but there hadn’t been a solution that both solves for monitoring AND people’s time AND keeps it in Adobe’s ecosystem. That was a mouthful.

Blue Acorn iCi’s Jeremy Lindhardt did just that. Within a day, you can have monitoring dashboards in Customer Journey Analytics that sniffs out data that’s:

And it can be deployed programmatically to scale with however many data views you’re working with. The concept is simple: check for wonky data. What separates this from any other solution is that it can be deployed quickly and holistically, and won’t drive your analysts insane maintaining it. It’s completely API-driven, which lets us build a workflow that doesn’t have you copying/pasting/customizing every single dashboard.

The output is simple. It’s a dashboard in Workspace. Red is bad (address it), green is good (ignore it).

Journey Analytics Wellness abstract

Never forget an ingredient

I think most of us are familiar with variations of the quote: It takes years to build a reputation and seconds to destroy it.

Unfortunately, you can’t run to the store to buy data if you discover something’s missing. That’s why this monitoring is so important. When data goes missing, you aren’t disappointing hangry guests, you’re losing trust and the confidence of your stakeholders. You don’t have to… and it doesn’t mean making governance a full-time job.

I did a lot of talking and would like to do more showing. If you want to take this tiny step to make a huge difference, let’s talk. Blue Acorn iCi can show you how Adobe Customer Journey Analytics Wellness works. Better yet, if you’re at Adobe Summit - stop by the Infosys x Blue Acorn iCi booth (booth #927) and we’ll walk through it in-person. This isn’t a SaaS. It’s using the tools you have the right way to achieve incredible outcomes.