Blue Acorn iCi is the Winner of Yotpo’s 2020 Best Magento Agency – North America Award

Blue Acorn iCi is the Winner of Yotpo’s 2020 Best Magento Agency – North America Award

We are excited to announce that Blue Acorn iCi has won Yotpo’s 2020 Best Magento Agency – North America Award! This award recognizes a leading agency for the outstanding work they’ve done for brands in the Magento ecosystem.

“Our partnership with Yotpo allows our clients to seamlessly mature and evolve their brand digital strategy with a one-point ecommerce marketing solution. We treat Yotpo as an extension of our team and leverage their expertise in ratings and reviews, user-generated content, loyalty, and referrals to help clients deliver exceptional customer experiences. We are aligning more of Blue Acorn iCi’s Magento clients with Yotpo’s technology, knowing that their ongoing growth and product R&D ensures our clients continue to benefit from the solution.”

Jordan Donahue, Alliances Manager at Blue Acorn iCi.

As a leader in digital customer experience and an award-winning Platinum Magento Commerce partner, Blue Acorn iCi brings a depth of knowledge, innovative thinking, and years of experience to every client partnership. Our strategists, creatives, data scientists, and engineers have mastered some of the most complex commerce technologies with a focus on exponential growth in revenue and customer value.

Lovesac partnered with Blue Acorn iCi to build a new direct-to-consumer (DTC) site on Magento Commerce Cloud and optimize the customer experience. Blue Acorn iCi brought the showroom experience online with an intuitive and refreshed design. The new design highlights educational content that guides customers through the learning and customizing process, including videos, detailed product information, and UGC.

Lovesac initially used three different tools to capture customer reviews, present UGC across their DTC and social channels, and manage their “Refer a Friend” program. Blue Acorn iCi integrated Yotpo to consolidate all three tools into a single solution. With Yotpo, Lovesac can collect quality content, inspire shoppers with customer creations, and drive brand loyalty through referrals.

Read more about Lovesac’s replatform to Magento and how they use Yotpo to enhance the customer experience here.