Blue Acorn iCi Is Migrating Its Website

Blue Acorn iCi Is Migrating Its Website

I’m excited to announce a new home for We kicked off a project to migrate our own website from WordPress to Adobe’s latest cutting-edge solution, Edge Delivery Services. If you attended Adobe Summit 2023 in Las Vegas, you likely heard the buzz surrounding Adobe’s NGC/Project Franklin (we certainly did). Since Adobe Summit, we’ve had an opportunity to dive into the application and its capabilities, and we’re excited to leverage a platform that will support the evolving needs of our business.

Why the change?

Simply put, our current Blue Acorn iCi website setup just isn’t cutting it. Early in the process, we considered investing in our existing WordPress infrastructure. However, after hearing our marketing team’s challenges and pain points, we knew it was time to pivot. Our team needs a flexible content management system (CMS) to streamline and accelerate the content publishing process, and our goal is to prioritize content and mitigate friction caused by the platform.

Why Edge Delivery Services?

Edge Delivery is a new Adobe offering that makes publishing content on the web easier and faster by leveraging familiar word processors like Google Docs and Microsoft Office.

Teams can launch websites quickly and efficiently using regular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Essentially, Edge Delivery is writing the future of managing and marketing static web content. To sum it up, Edge Delivery Services offers:

What’s Next?

You may be asking, what changes are coming and when can you expect to see updates?

We’ve partnered with Adobe through the VIP program to co-deliver the new experience. This project will roll out in two phases beginning with a “lift-and-shift” of the Blue Acorn iCi site today. Our focus? Speed, speed, and more speed – in publishing and page load times.

The second phase will be a full site and content redesign. We are excited to showcase the capabilities of Edge Delivery while giving our brand a fresh new look. Keep an eye out for some exciting transitions on in the coming months.

Contact our team today if you’d like to learn more about Edge Delivery Services and how Blue Acorn iCi can help your team publish content more efficiently.

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