October 5, 2016
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AEM Forms – Adaptive Forms

In our previous posts on AEM forms, we’ve gone over the architecture and form reusability. However, we haven’t covered a key element of AEM Forms, adaptive forms. Adaptive forms are the backbone of AEM forms. They allow a user to create their own custom forms for features such as surveys, feedback and contact forms.

Benefits of Adaptive Forms:
    • Responsive OOTB
    • Allow you to break large forms into logical sections
    • Easy to author; offers a variety of OOTB form functions
    • Can be based on Schema or Form template as well as providing a variety of OOTB templates
    • Can be integrated with services such as e-sign and Adobe reader extensions
  • Ability to export forms to other mediums such as a PDF or a JPEG

Now that we’ve listed some of the benefits of adaptive forms let’s create a new one and then edit it so you can learn how to use them.

Creating an Adaptive Form:

NOTE: As of AEM 6.0, the forms module comes installed OOTB. If you don’t have it installed you can download it from the Adobe site.

    1. Path: /aem/forms.html/content/dam/formsanddocuments
    1. Click the “+ create” button on the top toolbar
  1. There should be an option to create an “adaptive form”
Editing a form:
  1. Once you have created a form there are a variety of ways you can edit the form:
      1. Open = Will open the form and let a user author it
    1. View Properties = Here you can edit the title, description and any tags related to the form you just created
        1. Form Model = Allows a user to select from form templates or an XML schema
      1. Advanced = Allows you to set publish on and off times

Adaptive forms are just one of the ways that AEM is bringing innovative and useful concepts to developers. Check out our blog for more insights into getting the most out of AEM.

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