How AEM 6.4 Boosts Team Efficiency

How AEM 6.4 Boosts Team Efficiency

Imagine you’re a multi-billion dollar business with thousands of employees that are constantly creating and manipulating content. If you could cut each employee’s workload by just thirty minutes a day, billions of dollars could be saved before the end of the year. Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.4 can help you accomplish this.

AEM 6.4 Upgrade – Why Do I Need It?

“Efficiency is doing better what has already been done” –Peter Drucker

While the demand for content is on the rise, tools that ensure brand consistency and time efficiency are becoming necessities. With the latest release of AEM 6.4, Adobe added a handful of new features that help speed up your team’s daily workflow. There are many features to be excited about.

However, let’s focus on six ways AEM 6.4 can help boost your team’s efficiency.

1. Reusing Content.

AEM 6.4’s new experience fragment feature allows authors to reuse content across multiple channels. These channels may include Sites and other 3rd party systems; for example Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. This helps authors boost efficiency because they no longer need to recreate content in a wide array of places. Authors would rather choose a specific piece of content to use for a variety of experiences. Making it extremely useful when it comes to reusing content across various platforms.

2. Image Cropping.

There is a variety of asset enhancements within AEM 6.4 that will help your team save hours of work. Smart cropping is a feature that can save your team a large amount of time in the long run. Designers and marketers often spend hours cropping photos. With the new smart cropping feature, you can create image profiles for smart cropping. These configurations are based on device width and height, and are applied to specific assets or folders. Doing so makes it easy to create a folder with a set of image sizes that will automatically crop all images included.

3. Automatically Apply Tags to Assets.

By creating your own custom taxonomy, you can train AEM to tag each image with its own meaningful tag. Allowing authors to upload assets and automatically have tags applied, as well as recognize what type of asset was uploaded. Ultimately helping users find your content both quickly and easily.. For example, if you tagged a photo of a bird in the park with the tags “nature, bird, park” and later decided to upload a photo of a different bird in a different park, AEM will process the photo and tag it with “nature, bird, park”. Adobe Sensei is the technology behind image processing and machine learning.

4. Automated Form Conversion.

AEM 6.4 scans a printed PDF and Adobe Sensei interprets the field labels, then assigns them a proper location in a form within AEM. Sensei knows the field named “email” should go to the database for “email”. Once the form has been imported, content authors can then reorder form fields, change the labels, or add new fields and components to the form. This is a tremendous time saver since your team no longer needs to recreate any old forms.

5. Single Page Application Editor.

Before AEM, content authors would need advanced JavaScript knowledge to make edits to a single page application. Now, AEM has the ability to import single page applications into the authoring environment. This helps authors select and modify content areas in the application without having to write any code at all.

6. Layout and Design Changes Within the Authoring Environment.

The style system feature of AEM 6.4 allows for more versatile and flexible authoring. The system gives authors the ability to choose from various classes and layout types via a drop down within touch UI. Giving authors the flexibility to change the layout, look, and feel of components without asking the development team.

With the above six new features, your team is bound to save at least thirty minutes a day from their daily workflow. For some marketers and designers, it could save hours. AEM 6.4 is helping your team better focus their time on further developing your business. Blue Acorn iCi would love to hear from you on how much you were able to improve your team’s efficiency with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.4.

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