6 Steps to Launch Your Direct-to-Consumer Site

Launching a direct-to-consumer (DTC) site in a competitive market requires taking action quickly and choosing the right digital partner. A digital customer experience company that can build and manage all aspects of the DTC site – including technical, marketing, customer service, and fulfillment – will help you cut your project timeline and reduce the headaches of managing multiple vendors for each component of the customer experience. Follow our six steps to launch, maintain, and optimize a DTC channel.

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1. Find the Right Partner to Build Your DTC Site

Navigating the DTC world is a daunting task for any company that lacks the in-house expertise or resources to successfully build and launch a site. There are several technical components of a DTC channel, from the ecommerce platform and marketing automation to payments and content management. It takes an extended team to seamlessly integrate the systems and build streamlined data flows. Post-launch, the systems require ongoing maintenance and monitoring for upgrades and security patches in order to operate optimally.

Finding a partner to help your brand through the process is crucial to meeting your goals and staying on budget. The right partner will help you future-proof your DTC channel by finding the right systems that align with your brand’s needs while continuously maintaining the technology stack.

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If your company is ready to start a DTC strategy and needs a digital partner, reach out to our team here. We’ve helped brands such as Wilton, Le Creuset, and SouthernCarlson build and optimize their DTC channels.

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