24 Ecommerce Pros You Should Follow on Twitter

As busy ecommerce professionals, it’s not always easy to fit in time to stay abreast of the latest changes and trends in our industry. From blogs, to newsletters (hey, we have one of those), to the various social media platforms, everyone is constantly being bombarded with information. With so many outlets available, we wanted to make your life just a little easier by curating some relevant ecommerce pros that we believe are worth a follow on Twitter.

To make things easier, you can also just go to this Twitter list and follow or check out what they are saying in a single spot. Looking for a bit more? Check out the #ecommerce, #retail, and #ecomchat hashtags.

Ecommerce Pros on Twitter

Internet Retailer – @IR_Magazine

If you work in the world of ecommerce or retail, you know what Internet Retailer is. Besides the great content they produce, their Twitter feed makes it easy to stay on top of the latest trends.

Econsultancy – @Econsultancy

Like Internet Retailer, Econsultancy is another great resource of industry leading information.

EcomChat/James Gurd – @JamesGurd

EcomChat is the most active and engaged ecommerce Twitter chat currently running, which is co-led by James Gurd. Each Monday morning at 8am ET, professional’s field timely questions and share their experience.

Jeff Bullas – @JeffBullas

Sure, you sell products online, but how are you reaching new audience? Marketing pro Jeff Bullas curates and creates some of the better marketing tips out there, but touches on more than ecommerce.

Ed Leake – @EdLeak

Marketing is one thing, but paid advertising and analytics are another. Both of these run hand in hand, which is where Ed Leake is a known thought leader.

Sean Ellis – @SeanEllis

Investor turned growth hacker, Sean Ellis’ team produces a lot of content that helps ecommerce pros to push the needle.

Steve Hutt – @Stevenhutt

Retailer turned ecommerce pro, Steve is a great example of a power user who knows how to curate the latest industry news.

Arnout Hellemans – @hellemans

SEO may not be the biggest focus for a lot of ecommerce brands, but if you’re dabbling in content marketing it should be. Arnout focuses on the SEO side of the marketing world, and can often be seen in the weekly #ecomchat.

Chris Lake – @lakey

Former part of econsultancy, Chris Lake is a visual storyteller that digs into marketing and SEO with a focus on ecommerce.

Dan Barker – @danbaker

That weekly #ecomchat we’re so fond of? Dan Barker is the other half of the duo leading that conversation. He also regularly posts important holiday updates such as the upcoming pancake day on February 28.

Chad Dickerson – @chaddickerson

Talk about a powerhouse of tech, Chad Dickerson has a pedigree of working with on the tech side of both media companies and ecommerce. He is the current CEO of Etsy.

Werner Vogels – @Werner

Werner is the CTO of Amazon. That’s probably self-explanatory.

Ben Marks – @benmarks

One of the earliest team members from Blue Acorn iCi, Ben Marks is now with Magento as a platform evangelist. He regularly discusses the latest in ecommerce trends and reports directly from events around the globe.

Kiss Metrics – @Kissmetrics

Kiss Metrics has quite possibly some of the best actionable content around for marketers and ecommerce professionals.

NRF News – @NRFNews

Besides hosting one of the larger conferences for the commerce world, NRF also produces a lot of great content that focuses on the newest retail trends.

Practical Ecommerce – @PracticalEcomm

Practical Ecommerce is a personal favorite for us. Their content is more than just insights, it’s filled with actionable concepts that marketers and ecommerce professionals can implement or try.

Smashing Magazine – @Smashingmag

If you work in web design, you know what Smashing Magazine is. From design inspiration to the latest in UX, they’ve got it covered.

Drew Sanocki – @DrewSanocki

Drew Sanocki is the mind behind Nerd Marketing, and launched and sold Design Public. For experienced, real-life insight, Drew provides a peek into this world.

Richard Lazazzera – @RichardABLS

A Better Lemonade Stand is where ecommerce brands are fine tuned and grown. They also happen to have some really interesting case studies and content.

Maribeth Ross – @MaribethRoss

If you want insights from the cutting edge of ecommerce optimization, Meribeth is on the forefront. As CMO of Monetate, she works with a team of highly experienced marketers and analysts who know the ins and outs of personalization.

Kevin Eichelberger – @kpe

Sure, he may be Blue Acorn iCi’s founder, but he also got Elon Musk’s attention when he found a piece of a SpaceX rocket. He also occasionally shares his musings on our industry by way of Twitter.

Jason Del Rey – @Delrey

WIth Amazon being the giant that they are, that means you’ll often find reporters heavily focused on their happenings. Jason Del Rey covers all things Amazon, with a side of payments and overall ecommerce.

Andrew Youderian – @Youderian

What if there were a super exclusive club just for successful ecommerce teams? That would be Ecommerce Fuel, which was founded by Andrew Youderian.

Chad Ledford – @ChadLedford

Chad Ledford is the cofounder and CSO over at AddShoppers, one of our partners. He can often be seen tweeting about the latest trends on ecommerce and retail.

Who Did We Miss?

Do you think we left any ecommerce thought leaders or professionals off the list? Leave us a comment or tweet us @blueacornici so that we can build upon the current list.

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