Platform Modernization

Scale and Automate Experiences With Platform Modernization

Taking businesses to the next level.

Platform Modernization advances content velocity and allows teams to automate previously manual processes through AI and machine learning. Blue Acorn iCi can help organizations improve performance, stability, and digital experiences.


Evaluate Content Management Systems (CMS)

Compiling insights and assessing specific CMS features for businesses.

Get another point of view by allowing Blue Acorn iCi to evaluate current business problems and needs that will determine next steps. Our CMS evaluation helps to identify business and technology problems against an organization’s goals and presents a strategy and technology solution that best fits.

After a CMS evaluation, companies typically experience overall lower maintenance and platform costs. Leaders might also see improvement in their overall digital experience through the seamless consolidation of multiple platforms.

After a CMS evaluation, organizations experience help with the following:

  • Overall maintenance costs
  • Stabilization
  • Performance
  • Scalability
  • Consolidation of existing platforms

Technology Assessments

With the right type of assessment, Blue Acorn iCi helps companies follow best practices for better digital experiences.

Performance Optimization Assessment

Bring the most optimal experiences to users and increase conversions.

Accessibility Assessment

Make websites more accessible to users with disabilities and follow Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Content Strategy and Governance

Maintain optimized content workflows and maximize a team’s productivity.

Upgrading Websites and Moving to the Cloud

Use the latest software to safeguard a website.

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Platform Modernization

Stay ahead of the curve by applying the latest software updates to bolster security and address bug fixes.

Migrating to the cloud enables seamless upgrades, new feature release, and the implementation of a self-service model for user management, streamlining deployments.

Enhancing Scalability, Compliance, and Security

As businesses scale their need to improve security, compliance and security measures increases.

Utilizing a platform that can be used to scale in the future ensures protection against cyber attacks and threats. Blue Acorn iCi assists companies in determining the right technology that complies with several industry standards and regulations, such as PCI, DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR.

Platform Modernization Success Stories

Driving improvements to digital experiences.

Case Study: First Citizen Bank on the Path to Digital Transformation

The partnership included hands-on training, risk mitigation, organizational change management, and value realization.

Article: Out-Of-Process Extensibility: Is It the Future of Adobe Commerce?

Adobe is taking big steps to modernize its commerce platform, moving traditional integration approaches away from in-platform customizations to out-of-process extensibility.

Article: WCAG 2.2 Guidelines: What You Need to Know and How Businesses Should Prepare

In today’s growing market to follow accessibility guidelines, businesses must ensure that their websites and online platforms are accessible to everyone, including individuals with disabilities.

Funnel Podcast: The Business Value of Customer Data Platforms

Customer data platforms can improve customer experiences Uncover how to choose and implement a CDP.