Unified Reseller Network

Unified Reseller Network: A B2B2C Model

The Unified Reseller Network solution enables an operator, producer, or manufacturer to provide standardized commerce storefronts for its network of vendors, such as resellers or dealers.

Building off the growth of digital marketplaces, many manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers are either starting or actively considering investing in digital B2B2C engagement channels.

Infosys x Blue Acorn iCi’s Unified Reseller Network solution represents a tailored application of key customer-facing and back-office use cases to help manufacturers meet buyer expectations. It enables the online selling of goods and services through a vendor (dealer) channel in a way that offers platform flexibility, brand unification, and governance. Built on the Adobe Experience Cloud, this solution has been accredited by Adobe.



Solutions Highlights

The advantages of Unified Reseller Network.


Unified Experiences

Using advanced operator controls limit storefront experiences and enforce a common customer experience. Now manufacturers can manage content and offerings in a common way.


Role Management

Advanced operator controls support the management of role-based permissions and capabilities.


Shared Catalog

Dealers and vendors are able to sell from a common or pre-approved catalog offering provided by the operator.




The flow of information and revenue is accelerated by digitized workflows, avoiding the need for human intervention.



Digital payments ensure timely invoicing and more reliable cash flow.


Insights & Optimization

More frequent and meaningful opportunities for feedback collection and insight generation; insights can be deployed for marketing and customer experience optimization.



More predictable and efficient.


Business Development

Lead cultivation and qualification is more seamless.


Customer Success

Contract renewals are better systemized and timelier.


Unified Reseller Network Resources

B2B2C commerce enablement is key to connecting with customers at all touch points.

Overview: Unified Reseller Network

This solution enables a true B2B2C model, where the flow of information, services and revenue is accelerated by technology in a consolidated manner.

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Case Study: Leading Automotive Company Transforms Dealer Channel Experience with Unified Reseller Network

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