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Platform Modernization

Bring Organizations Up To Date With Platform Modernization

Unlock the power of composability and MACH architectures.

Commerce platform modernization is the process of updating, replacing, or reconfiguring the technology stack. This practice allows commerce operations to keep pace with changing market conditions, cost control measures, and consumer demands amidst increasing omnichannel interactions.


Goals of Modernization

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More technology flexibility & composability

Add new features and enhance overall functionality as business needs change.

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Reduced technical debt

Improve innovation, speed of delivery, and quickly respond to market trends.

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No expensive migration cycles of replatforming

Free up time spent to improve platform performance.

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Optimized ability to engage customers

Support innovation and customer experiences that increase brand loyalty.

Commerce Technology Assessment

Assess omnichannel readiness with commerce technology stack review.

Understand how technology can be an enabler or a hindrance. Blue Acorn iCi can assess an organization’s commerce technology landscape and provide a roadmap toward platform modernization. Our technology assessment includes over 15 types of evaluation criteria and creates a comprehensive view of the road to platform modernization.

Before beginning future modernization efforts, organizations should:


Know their key omnichannel journeys and the impacted personas involved.


Identify the business constraints across their commerce operations.


Determine their success criteria.

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MACH Architecture in Omnichannel Commerce

Improve the accessibility and standardization of services to improve the commerce journey.

MACH stands for

  • Microservices-based
  • API-first
  • Cloud-native
  • Headless architecture

MACH is prevalent in commerce due to the advancement and ubiquity of cloud-native platforms. This modern approach to software design focuses on scalability and speed while promising faster time to market, improved application performance, and composability of functionality.

As the commerce journey for consumers has broken out of the traditional online desktop and offline retail experiences, organizations need to improve the accessibility and standardization of their services to meet customers where they are.

MACH architecture works best for mature IT organizations that understand the value of composable technology to the business and can maintain the complexity of its moving parts. The business must also be willing to invest in relationships with competent partners who are fluent in a variety of technology architectures.

Our team leverages MACH design principles to maximize the agility of the business and its ability to withstand change.

The benefits of adopting a MACH Architecture include:

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Unification of global brands

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Strong cross functional collaboration

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Better equipment for omnichannel commerce by design

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Improved development efficiency

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Technology agnostic decision making

Enhance Commerce with AI

Harness AI to optimize commerce efforts and cultivate long-term growth.

The adoption of AI-powered technology has created a surge in the demand and capabilities of artificial intelligence. At Blue Acorn iCi, we support an AI-driven future for commerce and believe it to be an essential aspect of any platform modernization strategy. These areas are rapidly evolving with the help of AI.



Organizations can now automate time-consuming tasks like predictive modeling and inference. AI helps to advance raw data outputs by using natural language processing to transform data into more useful forms, such as automated email campaign messages or real-time 1:1 offers based on browsing activity, price sensitivity, and demographic information extracted from a 360° data view.


Customer Support

AI and machine learning can enhance a customer support team’s efforts by automating interactions such as product troubleshooting, order exception management, and returns processing. This technology saves organizations time and money, which allows customer support teams to prioritize more critical and meaningful hands-on interactions.


Content Generation

Generative AI and machine learning can be applied to an organization's catalog to create contextual, relevant, and accurate product marketing content instantaneously. Many popular content and commerce platforms provide these capabilities out-of-the-box.

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Modernize Web Development with Edge Delivery Services by Adobe

Meet content authors where they’re most comfortable.

Launching enterprise-scale websites has never been this quick and easy. Edge Delivery Services empowers organizations to embark on digital content journeys with unmatched speed and agility.

With its lightweight approach to web development, Edge Delivery Service allows organizations to go live in weeks, onboard new developers in days, and implement changes in minutes. This agility is a game-changer, allowing businesses to swiftly adapt to ever-evolving market dynamics.

Teams can publish content easier and faster by leveraging familiar word processors such as Google Docs, Sharepoint, Adobe Experience Manager Sites, and Microsoft Office, allowing for flexible asset management solutions, lightning-fast page speeds, and shorter publishing times.

Implementing a powerful platform requires technical proficiency and a strategic approach. Blue Acorn iCi experts work closely with organizations to navigate the complexities of the content authoring experience to ensure a seamless and tailored implementation.


Strategic Planning

Understanding unique business objectives and challenges, Blue Acorn iCi uses insight to form the foundation of a custom solution that aligns with business goals.


Technical Expertise

Our seasoned developers and engineers possess in-depth knowledge of Adobe Experience Manager. They leverage this expertise to set up the platform efficiently and integrate it seamlessly with your existing content.


Training and Support

Blue Acorn iCi offers comprehensive training for teams to maximize the benefits of Adobe Experience Manager. Our ongoing support program ensures a sm


Platform Modernization Success Stories

Technology solutions driving commerce operations success.

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