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Five Ways AEM 6.3 Can Improve Your Company’s Bottom Line

Have you considered moving to AEM 6.3, but want to be sure it makes business sense? The new AEM release focuses on giving your organization a high return on investment with its many features that directly help you meet (or even exceed) its revenue and productivity goals. It’s important for business leaders to understand how the new AEM version impacts productivity, resource allocation and revenue goals so you can make an informed decision and adjust your project plans accordingly.
Here are five benefits of AEM 6.3 that business leaders should consider in long-term planning:
1. Reduced authoring time decreases resource needs and increases productivity.  
Many of the new features and updates to AEM 6.3 make authoring easier and faster; including a new content tree design, inline layout mode, and a more usable control panel. Authors will be able to create more content in a shorter amount of time, meaning you can decrease authoring resources, increase goals, or use the extra time for employees to work on other projects. That flexibility can translate to a lower impact on your content costs and provide you the time to create additional targeted content to drive your personalization goals.
2. A simplified publishing process lessens reliance on DevOps.
Previously, authors needed DevOps expertise to publish multiple pages, resulting in the need for extra resources, scheduling issues, and overall delays. Now authors can select and activate multiple assets at the same time, which means it is much easier (and faster) to publish pages. Though DevOps are still needed in other aspects of AEM, authors have more capabilities in 6.3, making the publishing process shorter. And greater independence can lead to achieving content milestones faster.
3. You can use AEM as a start-to-finish project management tool.
Previous releases of AEM had some project management capabilities, but they weren’t enough for many organizations – which meant purchasing an additional tool; this release gives you features and experiences that are very close to a third-party project management application. For example, the ability to view tasks at the project level, an inbox calendar view to see tasks at the user level, and new task/workflow actions. Not only will these add-ons save you the cost of purchasing an extra product, you also save training and administration time by using just the AEM system.
4. Your product can go to market quicker, thanks to a new set of core components.
This release provides you with access to a new set of core open-sourced components, so you can create the same results in less time. The components are continuously delivered and cover a wide variety of functionality. With technology changing rapidly, being first to market is even more important – and AEM 6.3 helps you get in front of your customer sooner, with a better experience in tow. And better experiences are proven to lead to higher conversions and increased loyalty.
5. Improved performance and scalability increases productivity.
Server downtime means loss of productivity. Instead of having to take the servers offline to clean up revisions, maintenance can be performed with your network online – and even scheduled to automatically run each evening. Thanks to the updated operations dashboard, your system administrators can monitor system performance and more easily spot discrepancies. New diagnostic tools also make it possible for administrators to more quickly troubleshoot and fix system issues. This means you may be able to reduce both the time allocated for system administration, and the experience level needed. Reducing any amount of time offline, no matter how small, is a desirable outcome for organizations of all kinds.
AEM 6.3 has the power to make a significant difference in your company’s bottom line. By understanding its features and the impact each one has on both your team and your organization, you can leverage this solution to its fullest potential and see a high return on your investment.
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